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Welcome to the EXEControl Community. EXEControl Global Solutions is committed to the welfare and interests of all members of the EXEControl Community.
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What is the EXEControl Community?

In 2006, at EXEControl Global Solutions’ User Conference, the term ‘EXEControl Community’ was created to refer to all parties, both individually as well as corporately who are impacted in one form or another by EXEControl Global Solutions’ existence. The EXEControl Community encompasses employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, the local communities, and the environment. Together these groups are known as the stakeholders, or affectionately termed, the EXEControl Community.

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History of the concept:

Back in the late 1980’s, Mr. Charles Exley, former CEO of NCR (National Cash Register) was named Businessman of the Year. Mr. Exley spoke about the ‘stakeholders’ of any business, and listed five of the six groups mentioned above (Mr. Exley did not include the environment in his original list.) Dr. Dolph Ebeling, Founder and former CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions, embraced this concept and added the environment to the list of stakeholders EXEControl Global Solutions recognizes. Since then, EXEControl Global Solutions has not forgotten its commitment to this group of people and corporations. Every decision is weighed as to its effect on this group. Introducing the term ‘EXEControl Community’ was simply assigning a title to this group that had been respected for decades by EXEControl Global Solutions.

When did the hexagon come into the picture?

1967, when Dolph Ebeling started EXEControl Global Solutions (then called Ebeling Associates), he said that every company is made up of six major departments: Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Production, and Technical. The hexagon represents these six internal departments of every corporation. After Mr. Exley presented the concept of ‘stakeholders’, Dolph identified that each of the five stakeholders Mr. Exley articulated lined up as the external group serviced by one of these internal departments. Moreover, one internal department, Technical did not have a stakeholder listed by Mr. Exley, and that is how the environment was added to Mr. Exley’s original list of stakeholders. Inside the hexagon is the corporation, and outside the hexagon are the groups that the company impacts and interacts with.

How does EXEControl Global Solutions support the EXEControl Community?

This page is dedicated to sharing ways EXEControl Global Solutions supports the EXEControl Community. Clicking on the community groups listed above will take you to the respective pages describing how we support each group. EXEControl Global Solutions was also honored to throw a celebration party on October 17, 2017 to celebrate 50 years in business and to invite the EXEControl Community at large, both present members and past members. Check out the celebration event and hear what Allan Robison, President and CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions had to say about the EXEControl Community. The words were inspiring and stress EXEControl Global Solutions’ commitment to this wonderful community.