Established as a software company in 1969, EXEControl Global Solutions was an early pioneer and is today a leader in Information Technology for small and mid-size businesses. Its experienced team of consultants, engineers and technicians provides all services necessary to deliver and maintain successful information systems.

EXEControl Global Solutions works as a resource for forward thinking customers to achieve network continuity and continuous improvements in business process efficiency.

What sets EXEControl Global Solutions apart?

“When it comes to technological change, our job is to constantly improve our software and network infrastructure to take advantage of the features that provide value to our customers, while minimizing the negatives. In a sense, we act as shock absorbers, smoothing out the bumps that changes in technology cause, so our customers experience a smooth ride in running their businesses.” – Allan Robison, President & CEO

In a business environment where computer and technology companies come and go with amazing rapidity, EXEControl attributes its continued success to four key attributes:

Focusing on solutions, not simply technology. “When we look at our clients’ businesses, we look for opportunities to improve their efficiency and profitability. Then we select the technologies that will produce the desired results,” says Allan Robison. “Many computer companies got it backwards by asking, ‘How can we apply this cool technology?’ instead of, ‘How can we solve business problems more effectively?'”

Focusing on pay-off. Computer automation should always be applied where it will deliver a ROI (Return on Investment). It is pointless to spend thousands to save only hundreds, but it makes tremendous sense to invest tens of thousands in automation if it will save an equivalent amount, especially if it is an on-going annual savings. To suggest the right places to apply technology requires our understanding of the business and the technologies available to improve it. Too often, companies focus solely on the cost of a solution. People will say, “That will cost a lot of money.” But if they look at the other side of the equation, they might see that the lost opportunity cost is even higher.

Designing solutions to fit the way people work. We attempt to mirror a company’s operations. The question is simple: do you force someone into a generic box or do you tailor a box to fit the need?

Emphasizing customer service. The most important thing a customer can know is that we are 100% behind them for support. Our customers depend on the computer systems. If they have any problem whatsoever, we regard it as our problem. Our commitment is to bring permanent resolution as quickly as possible.”