Products & Services

EXEControl Global Solutions’ products and services come as a full service Information Technology (IT) center. Our mission is to be a single source partner to assist your organization with all of your IT and business operation needs.  In order to accomplish this task we have created four departments and strategic partnerships with third party providers of select services. Our four departments are:

Software Services

EXEControl Global Solutions offers standard as well as custom software development services. In addition to providing software, we assist our clients in the selection and implementation of third party software solutions. EXEControl Global Solutions’ flagship product is our EXEControl ERP/CRM Business Software Package. EXEControl is a horizontal ERP/CRM business software package that meets the needs of most manufacturers, distributors and retailers. It is also successfully used by leading firms in the service and accounting industries.

Business Advisory Services

EXEControl Global Solutions works with large and small companies to bring efficiency into their organizations. These services start with the basics of Perception Assessment on through actual execution/implementation. Services include LEAN, ISO9000 and Value-Stream-Mapping training and/or assistance.  The focus is on producing an end-of-day residual ROI (Return On Investment).

Networking Services

Our networking support team will ensure that the entire computerized infrastructure is safe, sound and reliable. Whether you are looking for Managed Services, Annual Network Audits, Structural Integrity Review, CDM (Confidential Data Management), Disaster Recovery Planning or some other aspect of network support, EXEControl Global Solutions can get the job done.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone Systems

Is the World ready for VoIP? Or should we say, is VoIP ready for the world? EXEControl Global Solutions has been using VoIP in-house for years and has been selling VoIP phone solutions for a few years now. Why the delay? EXEControl Global Solutions was not willing to sell a phone solution that did not have amazing voice quality. After all, what else do you want and need from a phone system? After working closely with a team of developers, we are proud to announce the best quality VoIP phone solution on the market and we are pleased to prove this solution to our clients. Whether you are looking at reducing your monthly cost on phone service, want to have all the latest phone technology or simply want better voice quality, EXEControl Global Solutions can help.