phone-servicesIf you want to protect your investments, leverage current technologies which can cut costs, and increase the percentage of your resources being utilized, then EXEControl Global Solutions’ VoIP business phone solutions may be your answer!


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Using EXEControl Global Solution’s VoIP phone system has allowed us to bring our outside salespeople into our phone system, tie all phone systems at all facilities into one larger system, integrate web and Outlook direct dialing and much more while reducing our monthly phone expense. I would highly recommend the solution to all companies.

B. Cook

CIO, McGrann Paper



VoIP technology integrates telephones with the power of the internet. No longer do you need to purchase dedicated lines (or bandwidth) for your phones, as well as separate bandwidth for your internet needs. Instead of separation of service and duplication of cost, you can have all communications – both Voice and Data – using the same pathway. This better utilizes bandwidth and eliminates the need to spend money on dedicated phone lines. Instead of using phone wires, VoIP locks onto the internet bandwidth already in use, placing calls through open source protocols used by many applications (such as SIP, RTP, HTTPS, etc.) to communicate with the equipment and end points. And, like Skype, companies that adopt VoIP business phone solutions can communicate with anyone, regardless of whether the other party is also using VoIP.


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