Company History

EXEControl Global Solutions’ rich history started in the 1950’s.  Our early entrance into the IT industry has taught us much and has allowed us to understand the systematic progression of computer systems. For the past 40+ years, EXEControl Global Solutions has been assisting customers to make the right decisions regarding their computer needs.

The 50’s

Prior to founding EXEControl Global Solutions, Dr. Dolph Ebeling worked as a metallurgist for General Electric. During an interview, Dr. Ebeling recalls the time when the American Society of Metals put together a committee to create a “knowledge database” of metals (words, definitions and abstracts). The idea was to capture the information and then index the entire “database” of metals. Dr. Ebeling was part of this massive effort. The initial task was to define 30,000 metals. Punch cards were the sole method available to capture this information. Dr. Ebeling tells how he gave the punch cards to the System Administrator on Wednesday, who then scheduled the job to run. Typically, he would have to wait until the weekend for his stack of punch cards to be processed. On Monday, Dr. Ebeling received the status of the job. The first Monday this happened the status was: “Error on card # 619.” Dr. Ebeling then had to fixed the invalid card, give the job back to the System Administrator and wait another week to see if the job would actually run this time. This same process occurred week after week. “It was a discouraging process,” comments Dr. Ebeling. He tells how he was excited about the idea of computers but could not understand how computers could be useful with such inefficiencies in processing information.

The 60’s

Throughout the 60’s Dr. Ebeling had many opportunities to watch and participate in the evolution of this new machine called the “computer.” During one of General Electric’s Continuing Education Programs, there was a demonstration of the new BASIC programming language developed by Professor J. Kemeny at Dartmouth College.  Another advancement was the introduction of time-sharing for commercial use. With these machines, the user no longer had to use punch cards and wait weeks for results. These new time sharing services allowed users to use teletype terminals and telephone connections to directly enter the information into large mainframe computers and receive the results instantaneously. Toward the end of the 1960’s, Dr. Ebeling knew that the “computer” had met its day for commercialization. After trying unsuccessfully to convince General Electric to write software for commercial use on the GE time sharing computer, Dr. Ebeling quit General Electric and started Ebeling Associates (now known as EXEControl Global Solutions).

The 70’s

Dr. Ebeling quickly entered into contractual agreements with all four companies that offered time sharing services for commercial use. (There were only four at this time!) At first, the EXEControl customer base was large multi-billion dollar organizations such as the US Navy and General Electric.  Our goal was to develop software so these organizations could use computers effectively. During the mid-1970’s, EXEControl Global Solutions decided to offer our own time-sharing system. After a long search for the best time sharing computer, EXEControl Global Solutions selected Prime Computers. The only problem was that Prime had no compiled language available for their systems. After much negotiation, Prime Computers contracted with EXEControl Global Solutions to write the specifications for a BASIC compiler and in turn, EXEControl Global Solutions agreed to use their system for our time-sharing services.

The 80’s

Two major transitions occurred during the 80’s. The introduction of the mini-computer  allowed mid-sized companies to own their own business computer, and software companies emerged developing software for specific industries. EXEControl Global Solutions started to phase out the time-sharing services and decided to work with a company called “ADDS” to provide mini-computers. EXEControl Global Solutions also decided to develop a standard business software package able to automate any business.  The feature set for this new software product would come from the many features found in all of the various custom software packages in use by our clients.  EXEControl Global Solutions received early recognition in the quality of our software package by winning “Package of the Year” from IDBMA (International DataBase Management Association).  EXEControl Global Solutions also received nominations in “Easiest to Install,” “Most Innovative” and “Best Documentation.”

The 90’s

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs finally showed up on the scene and turned the landscape upside down.  Individual computers and simple networks became standard equipment for business. EXEControl Global Solutions started the process of supporting the new advancements. Now that everyone could have a computer on their desk, computer problems were no longer isolated mostly to the server.  Intelligence was on the desktop and computer technicians became in high demand. EXEControl Global Solutions created a new department for network and computer support. The simple server/dumb terminal model were gone and the complex server/network/desktop model was in.

The New Century

The internet changed the way we all work. EXEControl Global Solutions had to keep pace.  Introduction of SAAS (Software As A Service – what used to be time sharing of the 70’s) became popular. Distributed processing network demands decreased as all business locations can now function (computer wise) as if they were all in the same building. Servers costing $5,000 to $10,000 were now available and able to support thousands of users on the same computer.

2017 50th Anniversary Year

EXEControl Global Solutions dedicated 2017 as a year to give back to the community through acts of service. Learn more about our 50th anniversary project here. During the 50th Anniversary Celebration, held on October 17, 2017, Allan Robison, President and CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions gave a powerful speech speaking about EXEControl Global Solutions’ commitment to the EXEControl Community. You can hear the highlights of the speech along with a montage of the day’s festivities by viewing the 50th Anniversary Montage below. The unedited version of the entire speech can be heard by viewing the EXEControl Global Solutions’ complete 50th Anniversary Speech below (no montage).

EXEControl Global Solution’s complete 50th Anniversary Speech

50th Anniversary Montage


EXEControl Global Solutions continues to adjust and position our internal operations and our clients’ operations to take advantage of the “world of computers.” Back in 1969 when Dr. Ebeling started EXEControl Global Solutions, he commented, “The future of computers is not in the hardware, nor is it in the software, but it is in the combining of hardware, software and thoughtware.”  To this end, EXEControl Global Solutions has established three main departments for servicing our clients, 1) Networking and Computer Services, 2) Software Services and 3) Business Advisory Services (Hardware, Software, and Thoughtware).

Dr. Ebeling sold the company to Scott Ebeling, Allan Robison and Sam Hazleton in 1994.  In 2005, Allan Robison purchased all shares from Scott and Sam and is now the sole corporate shareholder. Allan Robison is actively involved with the day-to-day activities of EXEControl Global Solutions, serving as President & CEO.

Dr. Dolph Ebeling in front of the Glen Sanders Mansion

Dr. Dolph Ebeling in front of the Glen Sanders Mansion


Glenn Sanders Mansion is the oldest building west of the Mohawk River yet housed the future of technology

Glenn Sanders Mansion is the oldest building west of the Mohawk River yet housed the future of technology


The future of computers is not in the hardware, nor is it in the software, but it is in the combining of hardware, software and thoughtware.
Dr. Dolph Ebeling

Founder EXEControl Global Solutions - 1969