EXEControl Global Solutions has always been proud of the number of employees that hold long standing employment with the company. In fact, half the company is now made up of employees that hold 10+ years at EXEControl Global Solutions.

In November 2021, with employment of 29 Years and 31 Days, Jonathan Sternfeld, Senior Applications Developer, became the current holder of the EXEControl Longevity Baton. Previous Baton holder, Scott Ebeling, had 29 Years and 30 Days with EXEControl Global Solutions.

We sat down with Jon to speak about his thoughts on receiving such an achievement. Jon said “When I joined the company after graduating college, I never expected it to be for life. In fact, I did not think it was possible to stay with one company for any length of time, especially a technology company. But the position ended up being such a perfect fit for me, there was no reason to leave. When I say position, I have contributed to the company in a number of different ways over the years, worn a number of different hats as we would say, and it is this variety that keeps things fresh, interesting and challenging. Time has passed very quickly, so it was quite a surprise to me when I was presented a “longevity baton”, handed over from previous long-time employee Scott Ebeling, for working for the company for over 29 years. I am proud to have these years recognized and look forward to many more”.

EXEControl Global Solutions honored Jon with a surprise luncheon. Scott Ebeling, and Jennifer Sternfeld (Jon’s Wife) were surprise guests. Jon was presented with the “EXEControl Longevity Baton”, which he now proudly displays in his office at EXEControl Global Solutions.

Everyone at EXEControl Global Solutions is proud of Jon’s achievement and we all look forward to many more years of working together. Congratulations!

Jonathan Sternfeld celebration

Jonathan Sternfeld celebration group shot