Bluestone is a VoIP service provider that is known for providing high quality phone services at a more affordable price than legacy phone systems. Jeff Robinson, the president of Bluestone, provided EXEControl with an interview. The first question was “What should a company look for in a phone system?”.

Jeff Robinson advises, “When you are looking at a phone system the number one thing is that it MUST be reliable.  If your website or email service is down customers will likely comment, ‘the website is down – I’ll try later’. However, if you call a company and the phone system is down, the reaction is much more dramatic – you might even think they have gone out of business.” No company can afford that – your phone system must always work even when everything else has failed – no ifs ands or buts – it just has to work period.

Alongside reliability you need call quality. Robinson said “The phone system must deliver high quality telephone calls. If you are talking to clients and you have words missing and gaps in the phrases the impression is one of a low-class operation that they do not want to do business with.” In conclusion, as Jeff said, “People infer a lot of things about you as a company through your phone system.” Therefore, it is extremely important to have a phone service provider that is both reliable and provides a high quality of service.

Few phone service providers can consistently accomplish these two goals. Additionally, Bluestone offers a broad breadth of features at a competitive price. Jeff Robinson said, “We recently introduced speech driven services to our products. If you buy similar solutions from the major providers, you are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. For small to medium sized companies that’s out of the question, but with Bluestone any company can afford to put the latest technologies to work”.

How though can Bluestone provide such a comprehensive solution? Jeff Robinson answered, “Our approach to phone systems is very different from everybody else’s. Prior to working on phone systems, back in the late 1980s we built the world’s first multi-core microprocessor, for which we won lots of awards and patents. In building that chip we got involved in language design and compilers.  We used the same language design and compilers know how in our approach to the phone system. This has resulted in a much increased level of flexibility and automation, in comparison with contemporary approaches.”

Easy customization of a phone system is critical. Jeff Robinson added, “Everybody’s phone system has to work the way in which their company works. Although most information services such as web, email and the like are pretty standard across companies, phone systems are not. They reflect the way each particular company works and therefore molding the phone systems operation to the needs of each and every company is very important.

Bluestone has been working with EXEControl for over 10 years. We have been impressed by their high quality of service. They would make a great phone service provider for any company. To learn more about Bluestone check out their website by clicking on this link

The pictures are of Bluestone’s very first customer 13 years ago where Bluestone installed a five building, 300 phones, one million calls per year VoIP phone system.

Bluestone’s very first installed building Bluestone installing phones Bluestone installing phones