Converters of Flexible Product

Does your business convert flexible material?

Are you using standard MRP manufacturing software as a work-around?

EXEControl ERP/CRM software gives you sophisticated capabilities to rapidly classify, measure, and manage your inventory and production processes.

Take advantage of software designed to meet the specialized needs of converters.  Reduce cost and loss as you optimize your manufacturing process, improve quality control, and easily track inventory.

Converting Paper

Increase customer satisfaction and profit margins with easy-to-use tools designed for converters of flexible products

Paper ready for conversion


EXEControl: Strategically built to help you run your business

  • Control product and inventory data with the specificity required by your business
  • Accurately track inventory and calculate costs
  • Use a full suite of business operation tools that enable closed-loop ERP/CRM process flow

Robust ERP/CRM software created to meet the unique needs of converters of flexible product

Paper, Tape, Mylar, Nomex, Card Stock, Paperboard ready for conversion

Run your business with the latest technology

Converting paper to a new product

Fully integrated tools meet the unique needs of your industry

Designed for converters, EXEControl ERP/CRM flexible packaging software simplifies the inventory, cost, management, administrative and quality control challenges faced by operators who convert flexible product. Our automated materials requirements planning (MRP) solution is integrated with a full range of business readiness capabilities to meet the needs of your customers.

Classify and manage inventory

Not all products are created equal.  EXEControl ERP/CRM helps you classify any product at an aggregate level, or by individual piece to preserve full dimensional visibility of your inventory.  Understand net availability of various combinations with features that include:

  • Custom values and unlimited data point availability
  • Custom conversion formulas to convert and control inventory in the unit of measures you need
  • Variety of tracking, conversion, and data point customization features

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Paper conversion machine
Roll of metal being prepped for converting

Strong support for manufacturing cost challenges unique to converters of flexible product

No need to settle for software solutions intended for traditional manufacturing processes.  EXEControl ERP/CRM gives you the real-time capability to manage production processes unique to converters.

  • Manage variances in the production process
  • Meaningfully track job-to-job costs
  • WIP buildup using anticipated cost placeholders with true downstream cost rollups upon completion

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Achieve optimal product visibility

Visibility of inventory is critical from the sales funnel to delivery.  Unseen but competing quotes and orders collide to create instability with overbooked and unfulfilled promises.  EXEControl ERP/CRM is an advanced ERP package offering capabilities to make this complex process visible to all parties.  Benefits of EXEControl ERP/CRM software for maximizing inventory control include:

  • Real time dynamic sub-product ID allocation
  • Delivery date, lead times and pending purchase order tracking
  • Clear visibility of your inventory pipeline

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Plastic roll ready to be converted to a new product
Clear plastic roll for conversion

Understand and manage real-time costs

Calculating true cost depends on the ability to discern and define expense variables in play throughout the sales and production process.  EXEControl ERP/CRM meets and exceeds your cost management needs with features that include:

  • Tracking historic costs and maintaining current cost variables enables predictive analysis of future expenses
  • Track automatically by standard, average, actual, last and manufactured cost
  • Make informed decisions based on analysis of actual cost

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Enhance your Quality Control capabilities

Use EXEControl ERP/CRM to capture quality readings and provide accurate Certificates of Analysis (COAs).  Gain a competitive edge in compliance with the following features:

  • Easily access quality information for complete COA reporting
  • Manage lot traceability backward and forward with the capability of mining data to determine trends and indentify outliers

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Converting process machine

Manage operations with advanced business tools

EXEControl delivers features including bin management, multi-location access, mobile deployment, automatic back flushing, physical and cycle counting, automatic replenishment point calculations, automated transfer orders for multi-site operations and the following:

  • Barcode integration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Integration of machine to production process flow
  • Association of customer’s product ID to internal SKU ID

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Use ERP / CRM processes to maximize business operations profitability

As a true enterprise software solution, EXEControl ERP/CRM is a unification application for your entire organization.  Cross disciplines include:

  • Shipping management
  • Accounting
  • Corporate structure
  • Document storage and retrieval
  • Time reporting and payroll
  • Public warehouse management
  • Quote management
  • Job cost management
  • RMA management
  • Procurement


  • Automated form delivery
  • E-commerce and customer/vendor portal integration
  • Mobile device integration
  • Virtual office management
  • Security management
  • Dashboards and KPI reporting
  • Data mining
  • Flexible reporting

Specialized ERP software to meet the challenges facing converters of flexible product

Rolls of metal in inventory