EXEControl Overview

EXEControl is a comprehensive ERP/CRM business management system from EXEControl Global Solutions. Perhaps the most flexible and feature-rich standard software package available, EXEControl works to minimize total cost of ownership while delivering measurable business results across the widest array of industries and business processes.

EXEControl provides organizations one solution to manage all core business segments including:

Our affordable system has been developed from the ground up to be a complete business planning and execution management tool – factored by our industry experience and user driven enhancements garnered since our founding over 40 years ago. EXEControl consists of over 30 integrated modules that can be implemented stand-alone or together to provide results in such areas as:

The following are a few examples of significant features found in EXEControl:

  • EXEControl has been designed so that all modules follow the same standard in structure. Once you have learned one module you have learned them all.
  • ISO9000 compliance. Consistent with International quality standards.
  • The system handles every business characteristic from simple to very complex. It provides such high end features as multiple physical locations and corporate reporting divisions, multiple UOM/conversion, real-time job status, lot tracking, EDI, bar-coding, quality reporting, activity-based costing, etc.
  • EXEControl is both comprehensive and flexible. Because it was designed as a “horizontal” rather than a “vertical” package, it has benefited from continuous development and enhancements from a broad spectrum of different industries and applications. As a result, it has the depth and breadth of functionality to meet your unique business requirements.
  • EXEControl recognizes that every enterprise is different. It has been specially designed to allow each client organization to “custom-fit” the system to match its specific operating workflow.
  • World-class support services that rival the best in the industry.


The impact of EXEControl on our operations has been extraordinary. Across all divisions, financial control is just marvelous. We can run profit and loss statements at any point in the month and know where we are.
J. Graves

Landscaping and Nursery Center