CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an acronym that stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” EXEControl’s CRM Solution was created to help companies with their internal processes designed to handle contact with customers and vendors.

CRM Applications

EXEControl Global Solutions understands that every company’s process to manage customer relations is different. EXEControl’s wide array of features allows for configuration in multiple ways to meet your specific needs. EXEControl’s CRM toolset enables our clients to support many relationship management tasks. The CRM toolset includes the following tools:

Features found in the EXEControl CRM solution include:

Closed-Loop CRM EXEControl integrates the pre-sales CRM functions with the post-sales ERP functions to provide closed-loop CRM. When using the entire EXEControl ERP/CRM software solution, the CRM features and functions carry throughout the entire sales order cycle. All of the features mentioned above continue to be available, even after the initial sale. Some of the features found after the initial sale include the following:

  • Loyalty Programs– EXEControl’s extensive order pricing and order tracking capabilities allow users to define loyalty programs and have the system act upon that information.
  • Work Flow Automation – The closing of the sale starts the expansion of people involved in the sales process. Each of these people needs quick visibility to the customer’s account. EXEControl has many features that enable everyone involved to perform their tasks while preserving an efficient workflow. These features include; events trigger notifications to all concerned parties and cross-departmental visibility.
  • Account Status/History – EXEControl maintains comprehensive account information. Historical data continues to reside within EXEControl until the company elects to remove the data.

Case Study

EXEControl Helps CR Wireless Manage Retail Sales


A major challenge of a successful CRM solution is having the system work with the sales force to be as effective as possible. Too often the systems put in place slow down the sales team and ultimately make them less effective than when they first adapted the new system procedures. EXEControl Global Solutions has staff that is highly skilled at implementing CRM solutions that bring efficiency to your sales staff. EXEControl Global Solutions will guide you through the entire process of establishing a successful sales and marketing strategy that is cost effective and efficient. If you are interested in greater market share, give us a call. With your desire for growth and the unparalleled CRM execution plans provided by EXEControl Global Solutions, we are confident that the results will be extraordinary.


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The capacity of the system is beyond what I imagined. I am still discovering what it can do.
J. Graves

Retail Nursery Store