Converters of Flexible Product


ERP / CRM for Converters of Flexibles

The success and profitability of converters of flexible products are challenged when companies must use standard, off-the-shelf MRP manufacturing systems.  EXEControl ERP/CRM business software delivers custom capabilities that allow you to create and use the specialized manufacturing requirements needed by your business—and your industry.

Use custom ERP/CRM software instead of a work around

Converters of flexible product have specialized software needs. Do you resort to an off-line solution when trying to track inventory on both an aggregate and unique piece basis?  Inventory visibility, true cost estimates, and quality control tracking are important processes for converters of flexible product. Gain these capabilities by using software designed for your industry—and customized for your business.

Enhance your productivity and profit by using a software solution that meets your unique challenges.

Flexible packaging software with enterprise capabilities

EXEControl ERP/CRM business software is designed for businesses who convert flexible materials.  This business-ready software solution gives you control of your manufacturing, inventory, and administrative processes.

Just some of the capabilities of this customizable software include:

  • Gain the capability to classify product at an aggregate level while preserving the visibility of each roll or individual piece
  • Capture dimensional values at the piece and product level
  • Define your data points for search or retrieval throughout the system
  • Convert and control your inventory in the measure you need
  • Flag conversions as exact or estimated
  • Survey net availability to enable rapid production starts
  • Follow and manage job-to-job costs to enable accurate customer pricing and analysis
  • Utilize real time dynamic sub-product ID allocation
  • Track inventory by multiple costs and use unlimited formula-based overhead allocations
  • Anticipate and track true cost from raw material to product
  • Save time and money using advanced labeling and inventory tools
  • Enjoy desktop or mobile ease of use through integration with the Microsoft Office in a layered, fully secure environment
  • Benefit from multi-level security that keeps your data assets secure in desktop and mobile environments
  • Choose your hosting location with SaaS, server-on-premises, or traditional Cloud

EXEControl ERP/CRM is a robust enterprise solution without the weaknesses of a standard MRP software package.  Designed for your industry—customized for your business.

Easy-to-use tools that boost management capabilities and revenue

EXEControl flexible packaging software offers you a full-range of integrated tools designed to meet your needs.  This solution is intuitive to the unique business flow of converters of flexible product. You can customize the software to enhance visibility of your inventory, extrapolate costs, and discern or correct quality issues, all on your own terms.

When you need a cost-effective, easy to use, automated material requirements planning (MRP) solution, consider the capabilities of this robust, business-ready solution:

Manage business operations with advanced inventory tools

EXEControl delivers flexible features to visualize and manage business operations like bin management, multi-location access, mobile deployment and other capabilities including:

  • Automatic back flushing
  • Physical and cycle counting
  • Automatic replenishment calculations
  • Automated transfer order for multi-site operations

Deploy advanced inventory management tools to manage operations and control costs.  Just a few of these customizable features include:


An enterprise solution with across-the-board features

From accounting to quote and RMA management, our software solution delivers customized capabilities in a closed-loop ERP/CRM set of processes.  Manage inventory and key business operations with software designed specifically for the challenges you and your teams handle on a daily basis.

Don’t make-do with software that does not meet your business or industrial needs.  Use EXEControl ERP/CRM, an enterprise solution designed specifically for the business, inventory management, and manufacturing needs of converters of flexible product.

The system permits management to closely monitor all plants for profitability by order and display those results in real time on a daily basis. Tracking inventory on a moment-to-moment basis allows the company to dramatically increase inventory turns while decreasing stocks outs.

R. Hayes

Manufacturer of Flexible Products