EXEControl ERP / CRM features

Integrate management and operations with key business capabilities

EXEControl ERP/CRM combines enterprise management with flexible packaging software.  The secure platform gives you deep financial and operational capabilities that include:

Shipping management

Gain full shipping management abilities and view in real time— from contracts, Bills of Lading, packing slips and truck load sequence management to customer EDI notification, third party warehouse communications and active shipping insurance coverage tracking.  Enjoy full integration with UPS, and the ability to integrate with FedEx shipping software.


EXEControl delivers full enterprise financial management capabilities including three-tier accounts payable, trade receivables, financial statements, complex corporate structure budgeting, reporting, sales analysis and other auxiliary accounting functions.

Corporate structure

Manage all levels of transaction data flow and reporting for your business, including multiple tiers like franchised entities.  Manage consolidated or separate tax reporting, statement reporting and much more.

Document storage and retrieval

Benefit from rapid document retrieval by using a dual barcode association label to link documents, drawings, images and other material to associated transactions for review, research, and reporting.

Time reporting and payroll

The elegant time reporting and payroll function of EXEControl gives you integrated time reporting capabilities that support your labor, material, and payroll needs.  Capture material usage, process steps, manufacturing notes and production quantities.  Payroll also includes payroll rules covering all 50 states and most union regulations.

Public warehouse management

Manage communications between your company and public warehouses that provide storage or converting assistance.  Easily handle EDI communications, inventory tracking by roll, and automated data requests along with calculation and automated generation of vendor invoices for third party warehousing fees.

Quote management

Begin tracking costs at the outset of design, configuration, pricing and quote—even before the actual order.  Maintain win and loss tracking for each order.

Job cost management

Understand the true cost to deliver products to your customers. EXEControl ERP/CRM business software gives you the ability to analyze and improve your manufacturing and delivery processes.  View, manage and predict estimated and future costs, track landed purchasing, storage and warehousing, outside services, internal labor, machine, overhead allocations and other costs along your delivery funnel.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

EXEControl delivers full cycle support including task triggers–like a receipt for a returned product that generates a credit invoice or preparation of a replacement shipment—and full visibility of the process and resolution of returns.


Procure products in a timely fashion with the use of Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and standard minimum/maximum replenishment points with daily buckets for time-phased ordering as well as Kanban replenishment.

Automated form delivery

Customize delivery of business forms with your trading partners.  Associate vendors, employees, your sales team, and others with EDI/electronic file delivery, email, fax, and mail.  Automatic association streamlines communication between you and your business and trading partners.

E-commerce and customer/vendor portal integration

Utilize secure communication streams between your backend business system and customer/vendor facing portals.  Supporting direct inquiries and updates from the portals and backend business system, EXEControl ERP/CRM delivers a two-tiered communication method which duplicates data in a mirrored database—limiting data access and delivery to those authorized by your trading partners.

Mobile device integration

Enjoy direct, secure, integration and reporting on mobile devices with EXEControl software, regardless of whether devices are used for customer relationship management (CRM), proof of product delivery, or other purpose.

Virtual office management

Securely delivered as server-on-premises or software-as-a-service (SaaS), our business software capabilities are fully available to you, and your work teams down the hall, or in an alternate global location.

Security management

EXEControl ERP/CRM software contains advance threat features within the operating system. Layered upon that foundation, the system utilizes database specific security features including file access protocols, field level security, and complex business conditional restrictions.

Dashboards and KPI management

Understand the function and efficiency of a person, process, or machine through well-crafted aggregation of data, delivered in easily understood graphs, grids, and data points.

Data mining

With EXEControl, you gain a rich data mining structure to allow you to quickly extract unique, useful information relevant to your business—and your operational concerns.  Make use of virtually unlimited data capabilities with the EXEControl circular data cube.

Flexible reporting

Using 100 percent data dictionary classifications, you can query and report on any—and all—data points, and manipulate the results on your output screen.  Use these and other EXEControl custom reporting tools to save your data sets to Excel, PDF, or print.

Integrated with the Microsoft family of tools, EXEControl gives you dynamic, customizable management capabilities, power, and processes—all within the familiar terrain of a Microsoft environment.

These are just some of the key operations available to you with EXEControl ERP/CRM software.  Our flexible packaging software delivers on your business needs, and the specialized requirements of your industry.

The system permits management to closely monitor all plants for profitability by order and display those results in real time on a daily basis. Tracking inventory on a moment-to-moment basis allows the company to dramatically increase inventory turns while decreasing stocks outs.

R. Hayes

Manufacturer of Flexible Products