Integrated software tools for converters of flexible product

Increase profit and productivity with flexible packaging software

Use EXEControl ERP/CRM business software to meet the unique requirements of your industry.

Responding to criteria unique to converters of flexible product, this customizable solution meets critical needs with flexibility and a secure, intuitive interface.

When you need a cost-effective, easy to use, automated material requirements planning (MRP) solution, consider the capabilities of this robust, business-ready solution:

Ready to go

Easy to learn, EXEControl ERP/CRM is invaluable to sales, manufacturing and back-office teams.

Manage inventory

Classify your inventory in measures meaningful to your company.  No need to rely on approximate unit designations offered by standardized software.  Describe and track your product at the group level, while maintaining the ability to make individual pieces visible.  You can flag conversions of measure with ease, use metric, Imperial, and catch weight values and capture scrap values to better understand process flow and cost.

Understand and control your costs

Every manufacturer is challenged to calculate the true cost of each manufactured product.  Malfunctions, faulty material, and unexpected complications impact costs on a job-to-job basis.  Local, regional, and global competition makes accurate costing and forecasting a critical function of your MRP software. Use unlimited formula-based overhead allocations to capture cost components and calculate fully burdened manufacturing costs

Boost quality control

Quality is an important industry and marketing differentiator. Easily gather quality results with EXEControl ERP/CRM software. Manage and view qualitative data through synchronization of process and product quality with machinery flow-through timelines.

Barcode integration

Uniquely identify each piece of inventory by level ID barcode to capture complete inventory information throughout material lifecycle.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration

EXEControl fully supports and integrates EDI with customers, vendors, employees, banks, third-party warehouses, and other trading partners.

Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Record, manage, and process inventory stocked by a vendor at your location.

Integration of machine to production processes

Shop floor and warehousing functions are driven directly from the EXEControl application. Event and equipment monitoring and data collection is performed in real-time, along with notification of out of control events.

Customer association with product ID

Create unique customer part numbers and pricing units of measure.  Track orders by customer part number while streamlining the conversion, manufacturing, or picking process by common product ID number.

When you are a converter of flexible products, use EXEControl ERP/CRM business software to increase efficiency and productivity while saving time, money, and material.

The system permits management to closely monitor all plants for profitability by order and display those results in real time on a daily basis. Tracking inventory on a moment-to-moment basis allows the company to dramatically increase inventory turns while decreasing stocks outs.

R. Hayes

Manufacturer of Flexible Products