Typical Results

In today’s global economy, finding a way to quantify a return on investment is a necessity. At EXEControl Global Solutions, an investment of time and money continues to be made to reduce the number of support issues clients face. Focusing on root causes and recurring issues, EXEControl Global Solutions is able to eliminate future support needs for their clients. EXEControl Global Solutions’ clients are getting a return on investment that can be quantified in both time and dollars.

  • Over 60% of our clients have experienced a service call reduction of at least 40%
  • The average client reduces calls by 5-15 hours per month
  • Savings per year are over $7,000, plus an increase in work productivity

Our clients see amazing ROI results. The following case studies are examples of EXEControl Global Solutions’ clients who have strategically and proactively worked with us to become more competitive.

A Proactive Stance = Saved Budget Dollars.

By hiring a managed services company, you’re protecting your company’s financial stability from unexpected and costly services.

EXEControl Global Solutions Case Study

Situation: A non-EXEControl Global Solutions client in the health products industry had two hard drives fail at the same time causing them to lose a large number of critical company files and data.

Total Loss: $40,000

  • 9 days for a team of disaster recovery specialists = $15,000
  • Network services = $25,000
  • Valuable staff time and productivity lost = countless

Had EXEControl Global Solutions been monitoring their network and performing regular maintenance, we would have been able to detect that these hard drives were failing and that the backups were not performing properly and most likely prevented the crash, downtime and the hard costs. Can you afford to spend an unexpected $40,000?

The reality is that your computer network is one of the few components of your business that can actually put your company out of business. When you manage your network internally, you accept 100% of the risk. When EXEControl Global Solutions manages your network, not only do you offset a significant portion of that risk upon EXEControl Global Solutions, but behind EXEControl Global Solutions is a $1,000,000.00 E&O (Errors and Omission) insurance policy helping to protect our clients.

EXEControl Global Solutions did a network review for us and I’m very glad they did. Although I thought my internal folks were savvy, we had some serious holes in our computer system that could have cost me my business. If your computers and the data are important to you, it’s worth the time.

D. Borland

Technical Service Company