Managed Services & Your Business

Managed Services and Your Business

Managed services is one of the fastest growing segments in the IT1 (Information Technology) industry. Both large and small companies alike are benefiting from the concept. A company with managed services outsources the management of their IT needs to an independent company who manages and maintains the equipment and network. Benefits of outsourcing IT needs:

  • Access to an entire team versus hiring one, maybe two employees
  • Increased knowledge base through diverse IT team
  • Save on continuing education costs
  • Increased security
  • Increase in savings by not hiring a full time employee
  • Save time and money through a decrease in training internal staff

In addition to these benefits, when you hire EXEControl Global Solutions you will also gain insights into the structural integrity of your business, which is vital to long-term success. Our structural reviews determine whether the network will survive the planned and expected changes coming to the organization. Often a company’s infrastructure is designed around the company’s current demands and size, but does not always positively position your company for future growth. Just as a business plans its future through budgets and initiatives, so too should a business plan the future for its business network. With technology constantly changing, EXEControl Global Solutions will keep your network up to speed.

1 Information Technology encompasses all software, hardware and infrastructure aspects of a computer network including business software, computers, printers, cabling, wireless access points, firewalls and routers.


We had a system disaster that was our fault. EXEControl Global Solutions team came right in and helped us immediately, with no hesitation whatsoever, and they got us back up and running.

D. Howe

Metal Service Company