Rental: Processing of Rental Orders, Issues and Returns

Processing the paper work to reserve, deliver and pickup rental items is quite intensive. Timely reporting of such activities is essential to the overall functioning of the business. EXEControl allows for the timely recording of such transactions through the use of many features including the following:

Unit Reservations

Specific serialized units may be reserved for customer orders. This places a “hold” on the unit. Even units that are currently out on rent may be reserved for future orders. Only one order at a time may reserve an individual serial number.

Pricing Overrides

The system provides a number of sophisticated pricing methods. Each rental item has a set of standard rental rates for the various rental terms (e.g. day, week, 2 week, 4 week, etc.). The defaulted rental rates for any or all terms may be overridden at the time of order entry.

Expected Return Dates

During order entry, an expected rental term is selected for the item being rented. The program then prompts for the number of terms (e.g. days or weeks) that the unit is expected to be out. From this information it defaults an expected return date that may be overridden if a more exact date is known. This information may be updated at any time and is useful in determining when units will be available for the next rental.

Optional and Required Accessories

Optional or required accessories will often accompany rentals. Some accessories have their own rental rates. Others are sold up front. Others might be provided at no charge to the customer but will be charged for if they are not returned. Each piece of rental equipment may be assigned an accessory code, which consists of a list of accessory items with associated inclusion and billing criteria.

Rental Deposit and Prepayment Tracking

EXEControl system allows for the collection and tracking of rental deposits and prepayments for customers without charge accounts. Payments may be accepted in cash, by check or credit card. The system supports on-line credit card verification.

Unit Substitutions, Exchanges and Moves

For situations where the desired piece of equipment is unavailable, other items may be substituted. If the desired unit later becomes available, an “exchange” may be processed that will return the initial piece of equipment and issue the desired one. This exchange may optionally be accompanied by a change in the rental rate, which takes effect as of the date of the exchange for billing purposes. Customer requests to “move” a rented unit from one address to another may also be processed and tracked within the system.

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F. Grant

Cellular Retail