When it comes to business process demands, rental companies have some very unique requirements. Rental companies usually have the burden of not only the rental sales but also retail consumable hard goods and service. We here at EXEControl Global Solutions understand these unique requirements. EXEControl Rental Management System has been specifically designed to meet these unique challenges. EXEControl Rental Management System solutions address such demands as tracking of rental inventory, processing of rental orders, issues and returns, servicing of rental equipment, rental billing and rental fleet management.

Rental Inventory Tracking

The tracking of rental inventory can become a real challenge. There is the need to know where every piece of equipment is located by serial number at all times. One needs to know when that piece of equipment is due back and when it is scheduled for its next rental customer. These concerns and much more are addressed by EXEControl Rental. The following are some of EXEControl’s features that address these needs:

Processing of Rental Orders, Issues and Returns

Processing the paper work to reserve, deliver and pickup rental items is quite intensive. Timely reporting of such activities is essential to the overall functioning of the business. EXEControl allows for the timely recording of such transactions through the use of many features including the following:

Unit Servicing

Servicing of the rental fleet is a key aspect to any rental system. Having the service department ‘on-line’ helps to support many other functions such as determining when the unit might be ready for rental based upon inspection coding and how much the unit is costing to keep in the fleet. EXEControl provides the following features as part of its overall service module solution:

Rental Billing

Billing is one department that should not require large amounts of man-hours. EXEControl allows for the terms of the rental contract to be specified at the time of ordering so that recurring and final rental bills can be automatically generated. EXEControl allows for the payment of bills at the retail counter. Some of EXEControl’s rental billing features include:

Rental Fleet Management

There is just about no greater need to a rental company than the management of their rental fleet. Too much inventory reduces your cash position and burdens the company. Too little inventory will turn customers away to your competition. Knowing how much inventory to have, where it is, what it is costing you to maintain and when to sell the units is critical. EXEControl provides the tools necessary to make these decisions. The following features are just some of the features used to support rental fleet management:


No matter if your company already is in the rental business or thinking about it, EXEControl Rental can help. EXEControl Global Solutions is focused on bottom line results. We believe that our job is to help your company grow sales, reduce costs, improve margins and increase customer satisfaction through the use of technology. Please give us a call to find out how your business might benefit from using EXEControl.

EXEControl Rental Datasheet
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One of our divisions went live with EXEControl on March 1 and months later, we are already beginning to see gains in efficiency in production scheduling and customer service. Integration of data has made my life easier, since I can see all of our companies’ financial information together, or drill down deeply in any one of them.
J. Hurst

Consolidated Corporation