Distribution: Features

EXEControl is best differentiated from alternative solutions by its concurrent mastery of complexity in distribution operations as well as its depth and breadth of functionality. This simultaneously offers you the advantages of capability and simplicity to overcome ANY distribution management challenge. Following is an abbreviated list of Distribution related features provided by EXEControl.


EXEControl supports a variety of methodologies to manage complex/multiple custom item customer orders on a part-by-part basis. Provides logic to link and efficiently manage the customer request with multiple vendors while tracking success rates and matches. Tracks status of quotes, won/lost metrics with drill down capability.

Order Entry

EXEControl enables optimal order information gathering to provide a superior experience for a customer interacting with your business while providing a seamless, error proof, and consistent process for sales/customer service staff to follow while accepting customer orders. Provides quantity break prices, complementary product recommendations, supports complex coupon/discounts, etc.


EXEControl enables complete vendor relations management, purchase requisition management, purchase order management, outstanding quantity/partial receipt quantities, and supplier performance metrics. It enables work order sub-contracting, centralized purchasing, supplier managed inventory, and drop-ship from vendor to customer.

Supplier Managed Inventory

EXEControl provides for suppliers to handle the replenishment and inventory management for materials. This functionality is also provided on the customer facing side of the business where your company is the supplier managing your customer’s inventory.

Lot/Serial/Batch Tracking

Complex genealogy tracking is simplified with EXEControl. Full trace-ability enables product identification from point of origin of sourced materials through value-added manufacturing and the downstream supply chain processes; including end customer item service tracking. This information is rapidly accessible throughout EXEControl.

‘Kit’ Assembly

Kit assembly is supported through alternative methods of work order representation or as a distribution picking process. Supports visibility of “what-if” kit inventory. Monitors order/shipment activity, as well as separate reporting to completely analyze usage of all activity.

Full Barcode Support

Every field in the system supports data entry via barcode scanner. Supports inbound barcode reading, outbound barcode reading, and barcode printing. Supports all standard barcode formats and multiple equipment types. Also includes barcode designer tools.

Dimensional Inventory

EXEControl supports the tracking and reporting of inventory by user-defined dimensions. For example: tracking steel plate inventory items individually through the size dimensions of each piece. Supports conversion back to the base unit of measure the item is being tracked in.

Engineering Change Control

EXEControl supports item revision tracking, use-up affectivity, and specification maintenance for previous revisions.

Equipment Maintenance

EXEControl monitors and plans preventive and predictive maintenance, services scheduling, service history for equipment. For example: lift trucks, automated storage and retrieval equipment, etc.

Project Management

EXEControl provides the ability to create project management orders with corresponding work order steps to support logging and tracking of time and material consumed toward any activity. It associates purchase orders with job activity and coordinates billing alternatives including percent complete invoicing.

Product Costing

Supports standard as well as activity based costing, cost roll-ups, cost tracking ability to update standards with real experience. Enables both techniques to be used simultaneously. For example: inventory valuation at financial statement level may be costed differently than sales valuation for cost and sales analysis purposes.

Complaint Resolution

EXEControl provides tracking of quality issues, complaint factors from customers and suppliers. Includes ability to produce RMA’s and supports escalation logic for critical issue resolution.

Compatible with Lean Enterprise Management

EXEControl is designed to be the most flexible standard business management system available. The software rapidly and inexpensively supports process change and continuous improvement toward elimination of waste throughout your enterprise.

EDI Compatible

EXEControl handles all incoming and outgoing EDI transactions. Compatible with any format and standard including x-12 and XML formatted files. Any document can be sent or received electronically.

UPSApproved Manifest System

EXEControl is domestically and internationally certified by UPS. Supports XML communication with UPS. Includes complete shipment tracking ability. The system supports interfacing with any and all freight carriers open systems.

Exception Review

EXEControl supports real-time variance testing, analysis and reporting based on threshold parameters that trigger notification via reports, email, faxing and text messages. It supports plan vs. actual analysis for any event planned or monitored by EXEControl.

E-Business Visibility

EXEControl provides the ability to share any information between the system and qualified third parties (customers, suppliers and partners). For example Order status, Shipment tracking, Purchasing status, Vendor status, On-line ordering for goods and services and more.

Software Integration

EXEControl provides extreme integration for instantaneous information availability between the various EXEControl modules. The system is written to “open system standards” so that EXEControl data may be exchanged with third party systems at any level in the enterprise.

Resource Monitors

EXEControl provides real-time communication, visibility, and feedback from the system to monitor real-life events.


EXEControl supports simple to complex corporate structures, multiple levels of reporting, multi-plant, multi-division, multi-profit center and multi-sub-cost center reporting. It provides a tool set to manage all interdependencies of complex organizations. Also handles location visibility and security clearances.

Document Storage and Retrieval

EXEControl provides a complete tool kit to create and manage a paperless environment. It uses a unique process for associating stored documents with data objects developed directly within EXEControl’s business logic.

Industrial Products Distribution

EXEControl provides an exceptional solution for distributors of durable and non-durable products in a wholesale and/or direct distribution flow through its advanced capabilities.

Consumer Products Distribution

EXEControl provides a superior solution for distributors to manage product volume, relationships, and security levels required for effectively meeting the increasing needs of the consumer market.

Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)

EXEControl is capable of planning and executing simple to complex, push or pull, product flow through your extended supply chain.

Inventory Management

EXEControl provides the tools to maximize customer satisfaction through on-time order shipment while minimizing the investment in inventory. Tools include demand planning, intelligent management of inventory levels, tracking and continuously improving the flow of material.

Sales Analysis

EXEControl can produce an unlimited series of sales analysis reports. The reports can be broken down by product line, SKU, salesperson, promotion codes, dollars, units, store, employee, hours and much more. If customer loyalty programs exist and customers (or at least some) are identified as part of the counter transaction, customer purchase patterns may also be analyzed.

Complex Pricing and Commissions

EXEControl supports matrix and rule based logic to add simplicity and repeatability to customer order pricing as well as sales commission calculation.

Multiple Sales Styles: (Over counter, Internet, Phone)

EXEControl handles every style of interaction with customers to apply best practices and develop customer loyalty.

Warehouse Logistics Management

EXEControl supports the latest techniques in warehouse logistics management through material location management, pick-pack-ship flow planning, advanced shipment notifications, cycle count administration, and worker productivity assessment.

Direct Ship Integration between Purchasing and Order Entry

EXEControl supports your relationships with drop-ship suppliers by eliminating unnecessary ordering and accounting workflow and wasted cycle time.

One Step Invoicing

EXEControl provides the ability to immediately generate invoices and accounts receivable transactions at the point of shipment of goods to internal or external customers.

Signature Capture Pad Support

EXEControl interfaces directly with signature capture pads to rapidly associate transaction data with necessary signatures.

Time Clock

EXEControl includes an integrated time clock that simplifies time reporting for purposes including payroll processing, employee productivity tracking, etc.

Email/Faxing Integrated With System

EXEControl enables improved communications with customers, vendors and employees by automatically generating appropriate communication documents as required. EXEControl defines how each vendor and customer wishes to receive their business documents (email, fax, EDI, etc.). EXEControl will also generate automatic alerts when select business activities occur. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting is also able to be sent electronically to employees, customers and vendors.

Wireless Handheld Device Enabled

EXEControl enables radio frequency (RF) devices as direct interfaces. Most any smart phone, tablet or industrial grade handheld unit may be used with EXEControl. These units allow the EXEControl Community to experience greater levels of work place efficiency.

Built-In Distributed Processing Controls

EXEControl is capable of accommodating multiple server processing environments common among multi location corporations. Automatically distributes transactions that are needed by other locations for any level of shared processes.

Additional Features

The preceding list of product features and functions is by no means an exhaustive catalog. EXEControl’s feature set goes well beyond this top level list. Should you wish more information please contact us.

It is the best system out there today. I do not know of another package that can do the job. It is the most advanced system available for fabricators, service centers, and companies that have multiple operations.

P. Hess

Steel Service Center