EXEControl represents over forty years of experience automating best-of-breed distribution software solutions. EXEControl provides advantages to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) distributors to drive down non-value-added costs while increasing revenue and profitability. The system, through its inherent flexibility, promises to satisfy your most unique business needs and help you raise the level of barriers to entry of your market share by your competitors.


EXEControl distribution software best differentiates itself from alternative solutions by its concurrent mastery of complexity in distribution operations as well as its depth and breadth of functionality. This simultaneously offers you the advantages of capability and simplicity to overcome ANY distribution management challenge. Following is an abbreviated list of Distribution related features provided by EXEControl.



EXEControl Distribution Datasheet
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Our business deals with materials that require using different units of measure for purchasing, stocking and sales. EXEControl handles all conversions with ease.

J. Smith

Materials Distributor