Activity Tracking

The prospect/customer master database contains fields to track every time a prospect/customer has been contacted for any reason (phone call, mailing, etc…) Contacts are managed by date and allow for additional information to be linked to the entry. Each touch point can have an associated time duration recorded for the activity providing the ability to support time management tracking of the sales effort.

Message Broadcasting

The entire EXEControl ERP software solution allows for event trigger points to be established. These event triggers are very useful in keeping the sales force up to date with their client base.

For example:

  • Prospect/customer calls while primary salesperson is out of the office. Another salesperson takes the phone call. Upon entry of the contact information into the CRM software, the system can either email or text the primary salesperson informing them of the phone call.
  • Prospect finally places their first order. Upon entry of the sales order, the system could automatically email or text the salesperson allowing the salesperson to call and thank the prospect for the order.

Salesperson Linking

EXEControl offers a rich assortment of ways to link salespeople to customers/prospects. The system permits salespeople at different locations or for different revenue streams. When recording contact history data the system links the activity to the specific salesperson involved. Multiple salespeople are able to have their own callback dates. The system even supports group sales efforts with group salesperson codes.


EXEControl supports the definition of additional fields by the end users. An unlimited number of new fields may be defined.

Customer Profiling

EXEControl supports a simple, easy and quick to read customer profile screen. Even though the system comes loaded with a default set of fields defined for the profile screen, any and all fields may be redefined to capture/display any information that is considered pertinent to your sales staff.

Account Management

EXEControl offers many tools to manage a customer/prospect account. These features tie-in with our EXEControl ERP customer service software. Within the account management tool-set customers are able to manage the following aspects of a customer/prospect account:

  • Name, address, phone, contact information
  • Names of anyone and everyone at the customer/prospect facility
  • Names of friends and associates of the customer/prospect
  • Pricing and promotions programs
  • Mailing/catalog programs
  • Account profiles
  • Ordering assumptions such as: freight carrier typically uses, payment currency, EDI trading definition, etc…
  • Credit statistics
  • Sales summary charts and graphs
  • Quote, Ordering, billing, payment, service and shop order history
  • General notes & shipping/travel directions
  • Shipping locations and parent location
  • Correspondence history and planned follow up
  • RMA and dispute resolution management

Contact Management

EXEControl supports the ability to record an unlimited number of contacts for each prospect/customer. Each contact contains their own database record that allows for fields such as title, email address, phone extension, cell phone number and salutation. A contact is even able to have their own unique company name, address and phone/fax information. This feature allows contacts that do not work for the company or from a different location to be entered and associated to the prospect/customer record. Contact codes may be assigned to each contact. These codes may be used for any purpose including mass mailing/promotion efforts. For example; one could send a mailing to everyone coded as a CFO.

Information Gathering

EXEControl comes with tools that allow for information to be captured and stored via the use of most any type of data capture technology. An example is our ‘internet spider’ programs. These programs allow the user to have the system go out to the Internet and look for information. Upon accessing the information the program returns the data directly into the CRM data files. Uses include; pulling distance information, automatic credit checking and supply chain pulling.

Account Classification

EXEControl supports the ability to classify accounts by an unlimited set of classification codes. The classification codes are able to be table validated to ensure a finite set of data points. These classifications may include: prioritization, status code, segmentation, problem code, etc.

Reporting Tools

EXEControl comes with its own built-in report writer. The report writing capabilities of EXEControl include; analytical capabilities, access to all user-defined fields, conditions, sort orders, graphing, exporting and traditional report formats.

Time Management Reporting

In sales, the phrase “Time is money” is especially true. EXEControl provides means to capture time spent working with a prospect/customer or even a campaign. This information may then be used to make management decisions toward future sales efforts.

We are investing in state-of-the-art technology to help us maintain leadership in the regional cellular and paging industries. EXEControl will make us more efficient, more profitable and better able to serve our customers.

F. Grant

Cellular Communications Retailer