The following is a summary of just some of the many applications that exist within EXEControl’s CRM feature set:

Telemarketing/Call Scripting

Telemarketing/cold calling can be one of the toughest jobs around. In order to be effective one must maximize the number of calls per hour while ensuring that all information harvested during the phone conversation is captured in a way where future data mining can effectively rely upon the gathered information. EXEControl uses user defined drop down script boxes and rapid update technology to ensure accurate and timely recoding of the collected information.


EXEControl’s CRM Solution is completely configurable, and allows the user to display data in many formats.

Trade Show Management

Trade shows can be quite profitable, however, the costs to attend the show usually is equally expensive. With the cost of floor space and all the required travel costs, one wants to make sure to maximize their time at the show. One creative way EXEControl can aid in this process is to identify who to invite to the show. EXEControl allows the user to enter the trade show location and a maximum distance from the show to target. EXEControl CRM software will then go out to the Internet to get distances from the show location to the actual prospect/customer address locations. All locations within the maximum distance specified are added to a list. That list can be accessed to send broadcast emails, faxes and letters.

Sales Lead Management

Often salespeople are working with many companies all in different stages within the sales cycle. To focus on all the opportunities, EXEControl allows each opportunity to be classified. Once the prospects/customers are classified, EXEControl provides visibility to the pipeline in a variety of ways. EXEControl then tracks activity and provides historic activity reports.

Callback Management

EXEControl’s CRM master database contains a place to record callback dates for prospects/customers. Based upon the callback dates entered into the system, EXEControl will automatically inform each salesperson as to the calls that they need to make. The methods by which the system informs the salesperson include: email, page, fax, report, an interactive call & update screen or any combination. Callbacks may be grouped, such as store location or sales office.

Sales/Marketing Campaign Management

In order to measure the effectiveness of a mailing or promotion campaign, accurate information as to whom the mailings went to is necessary. EXEControl supports the selection, distribution, mailing and contact updating processes for accurate and useful mail management. A ‘mailing’ might be a physical letter, email, fax, labels going to a mail house or any combination.

EXEControl has greatly improved our repeat business and eliminated our reporting redundancy allowing us to focus on sales and profits.
M. Gourlay

Cellular Retail