EXEControl Global Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the EXEControl Client Advancement Series. The purpose of these sessions is to provide training, group implementations and technique discussions in a formal and organized environment where users can share knowledge and learn together.

The sessions will focus on real life examples, practical information and hands-on experiences. The objective of each session is to provide knowledge that will allow the user to leave the class with the ability to meet real-world needs. Each session will be broken into segments with hands-on examples at the end of each topic.

Each attendee will be provided a written document outlining the material covered. This document will include session notes, examples, images and self-testing material.

The sessions will be broken into three day series offered four times a year. Users may sign up for an individual session or for an entire three day series. The costs will be $750 per day or $1,350 for a three day series.

2007 Schedule

Report Writing
August 7, 2007 – Database layout; Basic TCL queries; Exporting data
August 8, 2007 – Multi-values; Dictionary items, conversions and correlatives
August 9, 2007 – Report Writer and Access Builder

Document Storage and Retrieval*
October 2, 2007 – Hardware and software configuration
October 3, 2007 – Image association; Scanning process
October 4, 2007 – Viewing and managing the process

* Special package pricing will be provided for related hardware and software.

System Painter
December 4, 2007 – Screen changes and message changes
December 5, 2007 – Menu changes, custom menu creation and menu security
December 6, 2007 – Application changes and application security

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