Our Experience

EXEControl Global Solutions business advisory services guides clients through a proven approach that produces a powerful operational competitive advantage. We have synthesized the best of globally recognized systems into our own unique process geared to produce rapid business transformation with an almost immediate R.O.I. These “baseline” processes and their key principles include:

  • Six Sigma – The drive to eliminate errors and produce zero defects
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) – Business process optimization
  • ISO – Documentation of process to produce consistent behavior throughout an organization
  • LEAN – Elimination of waste
  • 5S – Standardized workplace organization

We are highly skilled at implementing each of these processes, but our experience has taught us that every organization needs a unique blend to produce the desired outcomes.

Some time ago, we had a dream of bar-coded work orders, bar-coded inventory, and bar-coded finished inventory. EXEControl Global Solutions has made our dream a reality.
L. Resio

Jeweler Manufacturer