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Why is EXEControl right for me?

Since 1967, EXEControl Global Solutions has sharpened the competitive advantage for businesses across the globe.

EXEControl Global Solutions Differentiators

  • Longevity and Experience EXEControl Global Solutions was founded in 1967, incorporated in 1969 with a mission to solve client challenges by implementing process and through the use of technology and software.
  • Proof of Concept EXEControl Global Solutions concepts have been implemented with amazing results. Many of our clients experience significant growth through the use of our programs, some as much as 1,000+%. All clients experience added efficiencies through the use of techniques to reduce NVAL (Non-value added labor), reduction in errors, inventory levels, process time, queue time and other key areas of their business. Talk to us about client testimonials
  • Single Source Resource EXEControl Global Solutions maintains a diverse team and toolset that allows us to provide a closed-loop solution from conception through execution to completion.
  • Multiple Discipline Insight EXEControl Global Solutions can apply its experience from a wide array of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, rental and service. Our process reviews cover all six major divisions of any company: Administrative, Finance, Marketing, Production, Technical and Human Resources.
  • Knowledge in Action EXEControl Global Solutions knowledge base is so extensive that our employees are instructors for business people and work with five universities in its headquarters region.
  • 100% Guarantee EXEControl Global Solutions offers an industry exclusive unconditional satisfaction guarantee! We use a fixed price model, and will allow you to cancel the project for any reason at any time with no penalty.
  • Certification Validation EXEControl Global Solutions staff undergoes ongoing training to stay on the leading edge of business transformation process. We do not stand on our laurels, excellent concepts emerge continuously – and we regularly evaluate our own process in light of new developments to ensure we encompass any technique that could be of use to our clients. Our staff has many certifications including Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) through APICS (The Association for Operations Management), Principles of LEAN Manufacturing and Pull Kanban/Polka through the Center for Economic Growth, Train-the-trainer in business process value stream mapping through the LEAN Enterprise Institute and Fundamental Payroll Certification through The American Payroll Association. Additional training comes from organizations such as Crestron Management Training Association, ExportNY and the Chief Executive Network for Manufacturers.


Twelve years ago, we had four people in accounting, doing billing, paying vendors, and so forth. Today, we have one person in accounting, and we’re doing twice the volume that we were back then. EXEControl Global Solutions has helped us to streamline our operations in a very meaningful way.
K. Pogge

Lawn & Irrigation Distributor