EXEControl Global Solutions received an email from a client stating that they have a salesperson who works out of their home that uses a Mac computer and wants to know what kind of all-in-one printer they should buy that would fax, copy, scan, print from Mac and print reports and forms from EXEControl.


The questions was raised to EXEControl Global Solutions in specific to know which all-in-one printers would support printing directly from the EXEControl database. After discussion with the company’s CFO, the solution was to create an email printer for the salesperson. Any EXEControl/database printing sent to that specific printer would automatically create a PDF of the output and email the salesperson the output. This in turn allows the salesperson to get the reports on their Mac, iPad, cell phone and while traveling. Printing of the output is as simple as sending a PDF to any printer the person has access to.


The CFO liked the approach so much that we actually set up a second email printer for the CFO’s email address so he too could take advantage of this great feature within EXEControl.


Should your company have need for mobile printer access from your EXEControl system, contact info@execontrol.com or call 518-688-8700 ext. 2.