Due to repeated requests EXEControl Global Solutions will be offering the Client Advancement Series on Report Writing for a second time. In addition, the already announced series on System Painter is now available for registration. These sessions are being offered with the opportunity for clients to connect remotely. While the most benefit will be garnered by being present, schedules and travel costs may make the remote access an attractive option for some.

As with all Client Advancement Series, the purpose of these sessions is to provide training, group implementations and technique discussions in a formal and organized environment where users can share knowledge and learn together.

The sessions focus on real-life examples, practical information and hands-on experiences. The objective of each session is to provide knowledge that will allow the user to leave the class with the ability to meet real-world needs. Each session will be broken into segments with hands-on examples at the end of each topic.

Sessions are broken into three day series. Users may sign up for an individual session or for an entire three day series. The costs are $750 per day or $1,350 for a three day series.

2007 Remaining Schedule

Report Writing
November 13, 2007 – Database layout; Basic TCL queries; Exporting data
November 14, 2007 – Multi-values; Dictionary items, conversions and correlatives
November 15, 2007 – Report Writer and Access Builder

For more information regarding report writing registration, please click here(pdf)

System Painter
December 4, 2007 – Screen changes and message changes
December 5, 2007 – Menu changes, custom menu creation and menu security
December 6, 2007 – Application changes and application security

For more information regarding System Painter registration, please click here(pdf)