CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (October 2006) — Tingue, Brown & Company, based in Saddle Brook, NJ, has been a pioneer in understanding and meeting the needs of the laundry industry. Beginning with industrial textiles in 1902, the company has since expanded their laundry business to cover material handling products, as well as machinery and parts. With the establishment of a rotational molding division, beginning in 1978, Tingue, Brown expanded beyond the laundry industry with product lines including material handling containers and trucks, recycling containers and carts, globes and lighting products, decorative pedestals and columns, intermediate bulk containers and tanks, and recreational pool products. Today, Tingue, Brown & Company is comprised of four distinct business divisions and nine plants located throughout the United States.

After evaluating several ERP solutions, Tingue, Brown & Company, selected the EXEControl business software suite from EXEControl Global Solutions to help manage their diverse enterprise. “Previously, the company was run on three different software platforms, and none of them was really adequate for the job, says John Hurst, Vice President of Finance for Tingue Brown. “We chose EXEControl because it is an integrated software system that has the power, sophistication, and flexibility we require to work more efficiently today and to accommodate new acquisitions in the future. Further, I was very impressed with the professionalism, support, and integrity of the EXEControl team.”

Earlier this year, the first phase of Tingue, Brown’s EXEControl software implementation was completed, with the four-plant rollout of Meese Orbitron Dunne, their rotational molding division. With the rollout, came immediate efficiencies from the tight integration of previously segregated departments and plants. Additionally, EXEControl’s dashboard-based design enables Meese’s departments to operate much more efficiently, providing single-screen, real-time access to required data, exception alerts, and common functions. Through tighter inventory controls, perpetual inventory tracking, and superior planning/scheduling functionality, Meese is able to make more judicious purchasing and manufacturing decisions. Hurst adds, “Our Meese Orbitron Dunne division went live with EXEControl on March 1, and we are already beginning to see gains in efficiency in production scheduling and customer service. Integration of data has made my life easier, since I can see all of our companies’ financial information together, or drill down deeply in any one of them.”

Established in 1969, EXEControl Global Solutions was an early pioneer, and today is a leader, in information technology for small and mid-sized businesses. “The key to EXEControl’s success”, says President Allan Robison, “is close collaboration and a deep understanding of the client’s business.” The EXEControl software suite is perhaps the most flexible and feature-rich business management system on the market today, capable of spanning the widest array of businesses within industries such as manufacturing, retail, distribution, service, and rental. More than just a software company, EXEControl Global Solutions is a software and technology partner, working as a resource for forward-thinking customers to achieve continuous improvement in their business processes.