Workshop sessions – March 16, 2016 8:45 am

Cloud Managed Networking: The future is here… – Presented by: Craig Kimbrough and James Waltersdorf

Cloud networking brings the scalability, manageability, and efficiency benefits of the Cloud to enterprise networks, which is why thousands of organizations are moving to this exciting new architecture. The Cloud’s feature-rich, easy-to-use architecture enables customers to solve new business problems while reducing operating costs. Learn about Cloud features available to your organization, including:

  • Management of entire network from a single dashboard.
  • Control of users, applications, and devices.
  • No controller hardware or management software to install and maintain.
  • Secure (PCI and HIPAA-compliant) cloud infrastructure.
  • Ability to scale from small sites to million-user deployments.


Accounts Payable – Presented by: Allan Robison and Jon Sternfeld

Gone are the days of receiving invoices in the mail and batch printing checks to pay them. The fast pace of today’s business requires quick and flexible payment options. Major enhancements have been made to the EXEControl Accounts Payable module to provide this speed and flexibility. If you are involved with payables in any way, come attend this session to learn about these enhancements, and see how they can simplify and streamline your processes! Topics include:

  • Electronic communications with your bank(s) for bank reconciliation, ACH, positive pay, and other type of transactions,
  • Payment methods: check, wire transfer, ACH, credit card, auto-draft, manual-draft, etc.,
  • Advance payments linked to purchase orders,
  • Payment entry at time of invoice creation,
  • Remit-to vendor structure,
  • Use tax/sales tax management for both tax due and tax credits to claim,
  • Receiving hold notes,
  • Single screen entry of invoices,

and a whole lot more!

Seamless Integration of EXEControl and Microsoft Office – Presented by: Todd Hess and Chris Wolcz

What if you could come into your office in the morning and have your Excel sales reports already waiting for you, complete with up-to-date EXEControl data, graphs and formatting? We have good news: You can! If you simply design the template in Excel, EXEControl will do the rest. Our new product – EXECoffice – provides that capability via two-way seamless automated communications with Excel and Word. Come find out how this new technology can be used for your forms, reports, data entry, and more!


General session – March 16, 2016 10:15 am

Bringing “Happyness” into Your Workplace – Presented by: Paul Giobbi, President and Co-Founder of Zumasys, Inc. (Keynote Presentation)

Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else. Yet, astonishingly, 87% of employees report that they are not engaged at work (Gallup). Learn how Zumasys bucked that trend (and how your company can too!) by embracing continuous experimentation with culture, open-book financials, and conscious capitalism.

Drawing from a formative experience as a 10-year-old child in a divorced household, Zumasys co-founder Paul Giobbi learned that “happyness” seldom comes in a nice, neat package. Finding happiness means taking the positive from every experience. During the last economic downturn, Paul turned his personal philosophy into a company mission. In the summer of 2010, he launched Zumasys’ International Travel Incentive, through which one employee per quarter is given $4,000 and one week of PTO to travel overseas. Two years later, Zumasys launched its “Happyness Is a Choice” program, donating 1% of its sales to non-for-profit organizations and people in need, as directed by its employees. To date, the company has given away more than $700,000 and is on track to reach its $1M goal by the end of 2016, which is helping Zumasys’ employees discover meaning and purpose in their work.

As a result of these and other innovative programs, Zumasys has earned numerous awards, while driving employee engagement to new levels. Paul will share his recipe for bringing happiness into your life and the workplace with simple tips to help employees feel engaged and invested in their work.


Workshop sessions – March 16, 2016 11:15 am

Business Security – Presented by: David Gallo of AXIS Communications and Brandon Gleason

As businesses expand, they are faced with the task of managing their growth. Thanks to today’s technology, you can easily install a network of security cameras, door access, and many other features in a cost-effective way. In this session, we will enter the world of Managed Security. We hope to show how simple and cost-effective security features can be in today’s fast-paced technology world.

Effectively using the “Display” options – Presented by: Michelle McKenzie

Given one piece of information, what could you find out about a transaction? There is a wealth of information available through the EXEControl “display” options, also called views or inquiries. Join us to learn some tips on navigating the vast amount of data, hints on focusing in on the information you need, and tricks to view the information in different ways.

EMV chips and taking credit cards – Presented by: Jeff King of Merchant Services and Chris Wolcz

Accepting credit cards used to concern only retail operations, but today credit cards are the payment method of choice for businesses of all sizes. How do the new EMV rules affect you? Can you limit your liability while also limiting your fees? What is the best way to store credit card numbers for recurring charges? Whether you have dozens of pin pads or are just toying with the idea of accepting credit cards, this session will provide valuable insights.

General session – March 16, 2016 12:15 pm

Introducing… Rocket Software – Presented by: Robert Burke, Director, Technical Support and QA, Rocket Software

During our last User Conference, Tiger Logic provided the keynote speaker, Robert Burke, who informed us that Rocket Software had just acquired the D3 and mvBASE multi-value business from Tiger Logic. This raised many questions, as customers wondered what impact the change would have on their business. Now, a couple years later, we decided to invite Rocket Software to address our group during the lunch session to let us know how that transition has gone.

Side note: We at EXEControl Global Solutions are pleased with the transition and have gained many new technologies and opportunities through it. That is why we have dedicated the third day of this conference (a two hour session) to allow you to see and learn about Rocket Software’s new product offerings.

Workshop sessions – March 16, 2016 1:30 pm

Windows 10 – Should you Upgrade? – Presented by: Christopher Litts

Microsoft’s latest Operating System, Windows 10, is being offered as a free upgrade, but a lot of people are hesitant to jump in. Explore the ins and outs of Windows 10, including how to navigate its settings, how it differs from Windows 7 and 8, tips and tricks for using it, and how it ties into mobile devices.

What’s New in EXEControl? – Presented by: Michelle McKenzie

Every year EXEControl Global Solutions adds about half a million dollars in new development to the EXEControl software. Come and learn what has been added since our last user conference.

Sales & Operations Planning – Presented by: Jon Sternfeld

Businesses must respond to change faster than ever. It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the keys to being able to respond quickly in the short term is to look further into the future. Beyond the horizon of sales forecasts, lies the realm of Sales and Operations Planning. Long used by large manufacturers, S&OP is starting to be used by smaller companies, particularly in retail and banking. This session will outline the steps involved, the costs associated, and the benefits to be gained by properly implementing S&OP. Also learn how EXEControl supports the planning process.


Workshop sessions – March 16, 2016 2:30 pm

“VoIP” Voice over IP – Should I embrace or run – Presented by: Jeff Robinson of Bluestone Communications and Andrew Robison

More and more companies are moving to VoIP phone solutions, but should you? This workshop will educate you on the reasons why companies are making the move, along with the pros and cons. You will learn how VoIP might save you money, provide new communication technology, and increase perceived uptime. However, if it is implemented wrong, VoIP could cause voice quality degradation, more complicated call handling, and lost calls. Learn how a VoIP phone system could either mess with or better your already-stable computer network. Best Practices and an analysis of the most common recommendations for service given by EXEControl Global Solutions will be integrated through the workshop.

Why Can’t I Change This? – Presented by: Dan Wright

When journals are cut off, transactions are posted, and periods are advanced, closed, or even reopened, what does it all mean? And more importantly, how does it affect your workflow? Some of the routine accounting tasks in EXEControl impact your ability to enter or edit transactions, especially those that may have occurred in prior periods. This session will expand on those routine tasks, while also looking at the strategies available to correct problems that relate to past dates and closed periods.

Cloud Computing: The Business Essentials – Presented by Paul Giobbi, CEO and Dave McCary, Cultural Ambassador of Zumasys, Inc.

Cloud is easily the most over-used marketing buzz word in the history of IT.  And…It’s a real thing that you have to understand to run a business in today’s economy.  As a cloud service provider with nearly a decade of experience – long before anyone called it “the cloud” – they have developed a method of distilling the fundamentals of how cloud computing fits within the greater structure of running a business.  This session is for executives, leaders, IT professionals, and everyone in-between.  Zumasys’ approach is informative, educational and – most importantly – agnostic.  There is not one approach to the cloud for everyone.  Each business will use this technology uniquely according to their own needs.  This session will help break through the noise and get the essentials needed to make an educated decision for your company’s approach to this thing we call “cloud”.

Workshop sessions – March 16, 2016 3:45 pm

Network Support – Help Us Help You – Presented by: James Waltersdorf

There are many different reasons why you may call our Support Team for help or for more information, and we know how frustrating it can be when things aren’t working correctly. Join us to learn some best practices on communicating with our team for support and projects, so that your issue can be resolved more quickly and efficiently.


Counting your inventory efficiently and effectively – Presented by: Cliff Bennett

EXEControl provides a variety of cycle and physical inventory counting methods. It can be challenging to decide which method best suits your business. This session will cover classifying your inventory using EXEControl’s ABC rule formulas, generating count tickets, performing the count including using wireless devices, managing recounts, and evaluating the effectiveness of your process. Come find out what we recommend and how other clients are doing it.


Query Builder – Presented by: Todd Hess

Would you like to create your own sales reports, production centers, or inventory valuation reports? This session will explore creating queries like these using the EXEControl Access Builder. This tool can be used to created ad-hoc queries, reports, and centers. These queries can be for one-time use, saved for repeated use, or deployed to menus for general access. Whether you are just getting started or looking to learn some tips and tricks about Access Builder, this session is for you.


Workshop session – March 17, 2016 8:30 am

What is New at Rocket Software – Presented by: Dorien Gardner, Rocket Software

EXEControl Global Solutions Product Champions: Isaac Robison (Rocket Mobile and mvSP), Michelle McKenzie (CorVu), Cliff Bennett (Python) and Todd Hess (D3)

Rocket Software has been hard at work providing the latest technology toolsets. This two-hour workshop will introduce you to many of their new features and tools. Solutions to be reviewed include the following:


  • Release 3.3 of mvBASE and the new features gained.
  • Rocket Mobile – a live phone demonstration will be provided and everyone in attendance will be able to download a working demonstration onto their phone.
  • mvSP – connector for direct access to your mvBASE data. Useful for Windows forms (.Net, VB, etc.), Web browser applications and integration to Web frameworks such as AngularJS. Supports multiple data structures including JSON, XML, and AJAX. See web browser applications developed by EXEControl Global Solutions using this tool.
  • CorVu – integration of business intelligence dashboards with ability to pull data from most any data source including mvBASE. See dashboards developed by EXEControl Global Solutions using this tool.
  • Discover – Coming soon to the multi-value community – Dashboard creation tool designed for individual users to create their own graphs and dashboard layouts.
  • Python – Integrated Python communications with mvBASE – See actual uses developed by EXEControl Global Solutions.
  • D3 – Learn more about the sister product of mvBASE including the 64-bit technology’s built-in ability to span multiple OS platforms and features such as data encryption in restful state, file triggers, and SSL support. Hear about EXEControl Global Solutions’ internal testing of this database and the collaboration efforts with Rocket Software.
  • R/Link – Corporate secured file sharing made easy.