mvBASE is a multi-dimensional database specifically designed for business transaction oriented solutionse. mvBASE has been designed to be fast, reliable and easy to use since its inception.


On September 12, 2014, Rocket Software ( announced releasd 3.2. Release 3.2 provides improved buffer management, improved overflow and workspace management, simplified authorization and is trace enabled.


Allan Robison, President & CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions states; “Rocket Software has taken a very fast and reliable system and made it even faster and more reliable. This new release is significant for our large clients using mvBASE. Clients that need support of 1,000+ processes and are managing millions of records will want to upgrade.”


EXEControl Global Solutions was the lead VAR partnering with Rocket Software for the testing of the new release. “We had release 3.2 a good six months prior to any other company having access to the product.” Says Michelle McKenzie, Director of Software Services. Michelle continued to say, “As a strategic partner to Rocket Software, our two companies have had several face-to-face meetings during the rollout of release 3.2. Rocket Software has done a great job with the final release.”


For more information regarding mvBASE 3.2, please contact or call 518-688-8700 extension 1.