Do you have invoices from your vendors that are automatically pulled from your bank or credit card account? If so, there is a new feature in EXEControl that you may find helpful. EXEControl has been enhanced to support the recording of payment information at the same time as that of the recording of the vendor invoice.


This new enhancement supports many features such as


  • Multiple payments across one or multiple banks and/or credit card accounts
  • Recording of automated payments where you, the customer, has no further involvement in the payment process. The vendor simply pulls the funds automatically
  • Recording of electronic payments where you, send the fund electronically such as ACH payments. The system will capture the date and amount for payment and automatically schedule and transmit payment to the bank (provided you have ACH electronic communications established between EXEControl and your bank).
  • Recording of call-in payments where you either call in or go on a website to make payment and you make that payment at the time of recording the invoice. Again, you can specify in the system the date the transaction will occur.


For more information regarding how EXEControl supports today’s methods for paying vendor invoices, please call 518-688-8700×1 or email