EXEControl has been enhanced to support a single screen entry of all necessary information for most vendor invoices linked to a purchase order as well as invoices not linked to a purchase order. This new feature allows you to enter the description, invoice amount, general ledger account and cost center on the main screen for vendor invoices that have no associated purchase order and the entire invoice amount is going against one general ledger account. The system will automatically create the single line detail entry for the invoice. EXEControl has also been enhanced to allow you to skip the detail entry screen should the invoice amount balance to the automatically generated detail line(s) (detail lines can be automatically generated through this new feature or through details found on the purchase order and receiving document(s)).


For example; your utility bill can be entered on the main screen (amount, description, general ledger account) and just press OK to file. No additional screens required.


This new feature is turned off by default to provide backward compatibility for existing EXEControl customers. For more information on how to turn this feature on, contact EXEControl’s support department at support@execontrol.com.