Does your company use a common generic/house-account customer number for miscellaneous customer sales? In some industries such as the retail space, it is common to have many transactions posted to the same customer record. In systems that attempt to index all your transactions by customer, having thousands, if not millions, of records to the same customer ID can really slow down your system. EXEControl is no different in that it attempts to provide indexes for your customers. However, EXEControl now will allow you to flag customers as non-indexed customers. This selection makes the searching of customer specific records for non-indexed customers take longer and consume more server resources, however, it can have a significant positive impact on the speed of your system provided customer specific searches on non-indexed customers is limited.


If you are an EXEControl user and think you might be able to take advantage of such a feature, please contact EXEControl Global Solutions’ software support center to learn more on how to active this new feature.