Tiger Logic has officially released mvBASE 3.1. This newest release has some of the most aggressive enhancements to date for mvBASE. Some of the more significant enhancements to 3.1 include:

•    Increasing the number of processes from 1,024 to 2,048
•    Increasing the number of physical system printers from 200 to 1,000
•    Increasing the number of total printers from 250 to 1,500
•    Increasing the number of variables in a program to 15,990

There are also a number of bug fixes, which are included in the new release. These include:

•    Programs not working properly when manipulating lists of pointer in excess of 32,000
•    Transaction logging aborts
•    Irregular sleep timer

Licensing has also changed. In the past, there was a bug in mvBASE where all thin client users would take one license.  mvBASE 3.1 has corrected this bug so that each thin client user now will take an individual license. Each thin client user can have up to six sessions open and have it only count as a single user. This change enforces the previously published licensing rules, however, this may cause problems for your company when you upgrade.  If you have too many thin client users for your current user license, you will have to purchase additional users to become legal with the licensing policy. For questions about licensing, please contact sales at sales@execontrol.com or 800-393-2875.

EXEControl Global Solutions has been running mvBASE 3.1 for several months now in beta and have found the release to be solid and worth upgrading to.