EXEControl was recently enhanced with a new button within the mass inventory transaction entry screen. The button called ‘AUTOFILL’ allows a user to have the system automatically populate the list of inventory items and levels (serial number, lots, etc.) for the mass inventory transaction to process.

A good example of a use for this new button: If you wish to move most or all of your inventory from one inventory location to another location, you would define a mass inventory transaction of move from location ‘a’ to location ‘b’. Then you would use the ‘AUTOFILL’ button to have the system select all inventory in location ‘a’ with quantities to match current on-hand quantity within location ‘a’. Once the list of inventory is populated you can press the ‘PROCESS’ button to move your inventory to the new location. You are also able to edit the auto-populated list to make adjustments prior to the actual processing of the inventory transaction.

Other use includes the selection of negative inventory in a specific location and then process inventory adjustments.