Fall of 2013, EXEControl Global Solutions began a search for new talent in the Network Division. One of EXEControl Global Solutions’ existing employees recommended Brandon Gleason.


Brandon Gleason, Network Technician

Brandon Gleason, Network Technician

“Brandon was a great find. His experience in select disciplines were weaker than what we typically look for, however, Brandon demonstrated an ability to learn quickly, great customer relationship skills, and was highly dedicated,”said Robison. “EXEControl Global Solutions is always looking for employees that can be successful. Success is not based upon what you already know, but upon what you learn and how you apply yourself. We saw these qualities in Brandon.”


With an associate’s degree in Computers and Electronics, Gleason had always known he wanted to work with computers, which drew him to apply when his friend (and EXEControl Global Solutions’employee) told him about the position.


In December 2013, Gleason joined EXEControl Global Solutions’team as a Level One Network Technician.


“Brandon often is the face of EXEControl Global Solutions,” Jim Waltersdorf, Director of Networking Services said. “His job is to listen and see how the customer is doing and relay that information back to the office. Brandon’s customer-faced approach to technology will bring great dividends to EXEControl Global Solutions.”


Gleason said, “This has been the greatest job I’ve ever had. Meeting all of our clients has to be one of my favorite things. There is still much more for me to learn in the networking world, and I have been learning something new each day. I hope that as this business continues to grow and expand its client group, I can be a helpful part of that process.”


“Brandon is exactly what EXEControl Global Solutions needed. He is already engaged with our client base providing solutions and support. We look forward to Brandon’s continued growth within EXEControl Global Solutions” – Allan Robison