EXEControl Global Solutions is pleased to announce that Mark DiPofi, Network Technician for EXEControl Global Solutions, has received his VSP (Vmware Sales Professional) certification.


Mark DiPofi

As a solution provider, EXEControl Global Solutions is constantly looking for ways to best serve our customers’ needs. One way we are doing that is by helping our customers take full advantage of today’s powerful servers by using virtual platforms to support multiple computers on one server and the quick redeployment of a server on new and/or backup hardware. The technology starts with a simple concept but the deployment and opportunities are nothing but simple. Mark’s virtualization training will help EXEControl Global Solutions to continue to provide our customers with leading edge network solutions.


If you are wondering if virtualization is right for your business, please do not hesitate to give EXEControl Global Solutions a call. One of our professional technology members will be glad to review your current network infrastructure and show you how virtualization can improve your current network design.


For more information please send inquiry to sales@execontrol.com.