Recently the Department of Homeland Security decided to post an alert on the use of Java.  Reason: ability to hijack a computer through security holes. All versions of Java 7 through 10 are affected. Java has a ‘feature’ that allows a Java applet or a JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) to run executable code on a user’s computer. This code could do most anything on a user’s computer. The Department of Homeland Security recommends that you either upgrade all Java applications on your business and home network to version 11 or disable Java in your web browsers. Version 11 will still allow these executables to run but will prompt the user first asking if it is ok to run the program should the program not be signed or self-signed.


If your company has any concerns regarding the risk of running Java within your corporate network, please contact our Network Support department at 518-688-8700 extension 3.


This alert reminds us that it is important to maintain all third party software at their most current releases.


You can find additional reading material regarding the Java alert at:


EXEControl Global Solutions thanks Peter Farrar, Network Technician at EXEControl Global Solutions for the research performed regarding the Java security risk.