EXEControl Global Solutions recently went through our second three year New York State sales tax audit. Our auditor came in and asked for copies of every invoice for an entire year in a dozen different GL accounts.  This request would generate over a ream of paper. In fact, during the request, our printer died. We unofficially blame it on the volume of paperwork requested by the auditor.


The good news is that producing this paperwork only took a few minutes to generate. We used a new feature in EXEControl’s Display GL Status application. We first selected the GL accounts requested by the auditor and then went into the detail screen for the period range being audited. We then used Control-A to highlight all detail lines and selected the new button “Output Source Image” (by default found under the ‘Advance’ button. The system then pulled every scanned image for every source transaction listed for the list of GL accounts and the rest was history. EXEControl Global Solutions was able to take the stack of paper and provide it to the auditor for his review.


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