Have you ever wondered how safe your cloud accounts are?

Recently I came across this article http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/09/tech/web/cloud-security-tips/ that tells of a person who had their on-line account hacked.  In the process of being hacked, the individual lost all of his pictures including those of his daughter. Unfortunately, he had no other backup of these pictures. He figured it is the cloud, how could I ever loose my pictures.

This story teaches us the importance of having multiple copies of your data. For the most part, most internet-based companies have good security but that does not excuse you, the consumer, of taking unnecessary excess risk. EXEControl Global Solutions has always preached about the importance of data backups. When putting together a data backup plan you should take into consideration: 1) having multiple copies/backups of your data, 2) storing your precious data in multiple locations, 3) Checking your backups to make sure that your data really is there and retrievable, 4) Perform test restores on a regular basis. Make a copy of a file, then delete the file and then try to restore it.

If you feel your data is important to you then take a personal involvement.  Make sure you are not relying on someone else to protect your data. USB hard drives are inexpensive and can hold large amounts of data. For a little more money, you can get USB hard drives that require no power cord and are ruggedized reducing the risk of a hard drive failure.

If you have any doubt about the security of your data, please call EXEControl Global Solutions at 800-393-2875 or sales@execontrol.com. Contacting us after the fact may be too late.