Recently McBain Camera, an EXEControl retail company, spoke to EXEControl Global Solutions’ Professional Services department. The topic was how to aid their retail team to sell more warranty contracts. While the concept of selling warranty contracts sounds simple, the whole process was more complicated than one would expect. Contract costs and levels could vary depending on the cost of the product or the quantity purchased. Some items are sold in kits and figuring out which component(s) within a kit are eligible for warranty coverage and which ones are not had to be considered. Then there is the need to flag which serial number(s) on the order actually were purchased with the warranty coverage and which were not. The natural inertia of deciding how warranty programs display on the invoice form and receipt and other logistic items all had to be ironed out. What initially sounded like a simple field change to the SKU table was much more complex. However, taking the time to define the rules and process allowed the process to be automated. The automation in turn would give the retail team more confidence in selling the warranty contracts.


So, was all the effort, time and investment cost worth it? According to Bob Marik, Controller for McBain Camera, warranty contract sales have doubled due to the software assisting the retail team. The ROI (Return On Investment) was measured in days rather than years.


We all know that computers and software can provide a wide-array of benefits to a business. In this case, it helped to control and guide an internal process. The clarity of options to the retail staff has kept everyone on track with corporate processes. The end customers are getting the protection they want for their products while the EXEControl client realizes increased sales by giving the customer options.


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ROI – Measures how quickly a company saves the same amount of money as was spent for the enhancement. Typically ROI’s of three years or less are considered sound business investments.