Schenectady Steel fabricates the structural steel for commercial and public buildings. Schenectady Steel will supply the structural steel framework, joists, decking and stairways and, if the customer wishes, the delivery and erection of the steel.

For Danny Howe, Accountant for Schenectady Steel, EXEControl from Ebeling Associates is an essential tool for keep the company on track. “We’ve been with Ebeling since 1983. We started out using the system to do our payroll, now we’re using it for just about everything, including payroll, job costing, general ledger, accounts payable, cash receipts and sales, billing, orders.”

Howe adds, “The system works very well, and it is designed to easily accommodate new capabilities as we need them, but there is something that is just as important. And that’s Ebeling provides a very high level of support.”

“Just call, and they are there for you, no matter what time it is. The system has been very reliable, and they recognize that we are very dependent on it, so they take all measures to ward off any calamity, including back-up tapes and battery backup in case of power failure.”

“A few years ago,” Howe says, “we had a system disaster that was our fault. Ebeling’s team came right in and helped us immediately, with no hesitation whatsoever, and they got us back up and running.”

“With Ebeling, it’s been a really good relationship,” he says. “Any issues I have – enhancements, for example – they’ll give me ideas and some economical options. They treat you with respect, and they’re never stagnant. They’re always improving and upgrading.”

“They hear you; they listen to you, and they know what people want. I think that’s excellent.”