Clifton Park, NY (May 2007) – EXEControl Global Solutions was recently presented with the 2007 Operations Management Excellence Award by APICS – The Association for Operations Management. This distinct award is given to honor a single capital region company who achieves enhanced success through the application of superior managerial techniques.

EXEControl Global Solutions has demonstrated unique problem solving capabilities as well as effective quality and efficiency improvement practices. Their management team has worked hard to identify those aspects where they felt change is critical to ensure success in the EXEControl Global Solutions Community. The key aspects identified were: Security, Training, Implementation, Technical discussion, Delivery Methods, User Interface, Automated interfaces, Specific functions, Consulting, Networking and hardware, Documentation, Support services and Communication methods.

Additionally, EXEControl Global Solutions has put forth initiatives in eleven areas which they felt will help cultivate their partnership with each client. The following points outline each area where initiatives were taken.

  • Regular Meetings– Company meetings are often lost causes wasting valuable time. However, at EXEControl Global Solutions, steps have been taken to ensure effectiveness during meetings. Steps include scheduling months ahead of time, agenda distribution in advance, and start/end times being clearly established and adhered to.
  • Training – EXEControl Global Solutions understands the importance of having knowledgeable staff. Every staff member has participated in training programs.
  • Market Research – In order to offer the best possible products to clients, it is crucial to understand marketplace demands. By sending their Director of Development to California, EXEControl Global Solutions was able to identify additional opportunities in the ERP marketplace.
  • Articulation of Expectations – Consistency is important for any company to succeed. To make sure this occurs, written explanations and expectations have been created for as many aspects of EXEControl as possible. This brings greater predictability to the experience and process one goes through for various tasks.
  • Job Clarification – EXEControl Global Solutions has reviewed each position within the company establishing new job titles, job descriptions, and KPI’s for all employees.
  • Business Intelligence – Through the EXEControl Command Center, a premier business intelligence tool, employees can monitor their KPI’s, workload, and day-to-day business activities more easily.
  • Customer Interaction – The introduction of EXEControl’s online Forums, quarterly newsletters, user conferences, and customer training classes have all contributed to clients complementing EXEControl Global Solutions and showing desire to be part of the EXEControl Global Solutions Community.
  • Customer Support – Using the “From Good to Great” principle, EXEControl Global Solutions made many changes to their support services. These changes include converting their support system to use a queue system, call emails, reduction in emergency support calls, and remote monitoring of client services.
  • Process Improvements – To aid in optimizing business processes, EXEControl Global Solutions has identified several options and techniques to explore. These include group training and implementations, standardized configurations and procedures, and modernization of clients’ systems.
  • Labor Management – In an effort to better understand how much energy is being exerted towards certain tasks, EXEControl Global Solutions requires a strict logging of all time.
  • Security in Everything – EXEControl Global Solutions realizes the importance of confidentiality. They have focused on numerous areas such as passwords, written policies, training, and data restrictions to better protect the interests of their company and those of the Community.

APICS is a global leader and premier source for knowledge in operations management including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing, and logistics. Since 1957, individuals and companies have relied on APICS for its superior training, internationally recognized certifications, comprehensive resources, and worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals.

EXEControl Global Solutions, established in 1969, develops flexible in-house business software packages (including ERP/CRM) helping small and mid-sized businesses better utilize current technology to improve efficiency and yield larger revenues. With services including software development, implementation, training, help desk support, network infrastructure, system design, and ongoing consulting services, EXEControl Global Solutions is a technology partner who assists in the process of revolutionizing companies.

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