Pallets at the Electronic Recycling DayEXEControl Global Solutions’ 2013 Electronic Recycling Day was a great success. Eight large pallets of electronics weighing 7,517 pounds were hauled away to be properly dissembled and recycled. None of the electronics went into our landfills and none of it was sold to foreign countries. Rather, the equipment was broken down to its raw materials (metals, plastic, glass, etc.) and then each of these materials will be recycled, keeping our planet green and healthy.




Unloading a truck at the Electronic Recycling Day

It has now been several years that Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery (RCR&R) has joined us for this event. The day was a picture perfect summer day and was held at our corporate headquarters, 9 Corporate Drive, Clifton Park, NY  12065.




Unloading a truck at the Electronic Recycling DayThroughout the year, clients and others are able to drop-off their unwanted electronics for a nominal fee (range from $2 – $20 per device, depending on the size and type of device). “Once a year we offer the public a chance to drop off for free”, said Allan Robison, President & CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions.