Cliff Bennet, Senior Application Developer

Cliff Bennet, Senior Application Developer

While at the Rocket Software MV University in Las Vegas event during the week of October 5, 2015, Cliff Bennett, Senior Application Developer at EXEControl Global Solutions, sat for and passed his certification in “U2 Family Application Development.” This is one of several certifications offered by Rocket Software for “Certified Application Developer Professionals.”


Rocket Software U2 Application Developer Professional

The “U2 Family Application Development” certification recognizes the knowledge and skill set Cliff Bennett possesses with databases in general, and more specifically with UniVerse and UniData. They are two of four Multi-Valued database solutions offered by Rocket Software. The other Multi-Valued databases are D3 and mvBASE.

Not only does Cliff now hold the “U2 Family Application Development” certification in application software programming, but he also holds the Six Sigma Green Belt certification in business process improvement. “As a business solutions company, we are pleased when our Application Developers demonstrate knowledge and skill sets in both business and programming,” commented Michelle McKenzie, Director of Software Services at EXEControl Global Solutions.

Allan Robison, President & CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions, said, “Cliff is a unique individual. He is capable of working one-on-one with a client to develop business processes, and then turning around to develop the process flow through both quality programs (techniques used to improve a company’s business quality) and software programming. We at EXEControl Global Solutions are pleased to hear of Cliff’s latest certification, demonstrating his expertise in both software and business.”


See copy of certification here