As demand for EXEControl® Global Solutions’ products and services continues to grow, so do staffing needs. This spring Allan Robison, CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions, started a search for yet another talented employee, in particular a Senior Applications Developer to join the EXEControl Global Solutions’ Software Division.


EXEControl Global Solutions is composed of three departments: the Software Division, Network Division, and Professional Service Division. Each division within the company offers both standard and fully customizable services.


With the expansion of the Software Division under McKenzie and Robison’s leadership, “EXEControl Global Solutions had a large backlog of work in our Software Division,” Robison said. “We were booked out half a year into the future.” He hoped the addition of a new employee could help reduce the backlog so the company could meet the growing demand for products and services.


Partnering with a recruitment firm based in Atlanta, GA, a massive search began. “We were looking for someone with strong skills in leadership, customer relationship, years of experience programming in the database language we use, and business knowledge,” Robison explained. “Wow, this was a tall order…a serious search for real, already seasoned, talent.”


Over the next few months, the EXEControl Global Solutions team conducted many internet interviews throughout the United States and Canada, before flying in half a dozen candidates for personal interviews.


One person in particular stood out over the course of this interview process: Cliff Bennett.

Cliff Bennett, Senior Application Developer

Cliff Bennett, Senior Application Developer

“Cliff had the right answer to every question thrown at him,” Robison said. “Our team asked questions about software development, database structure, business practices, quality programs, what-if scenarios, and much more. His answers were so good that our staff was concerned that he was not the real thing. He was too good to be real.”


“Cliff has many years of experience working for companies like our clients,” Todd Hess, EXEControl Global Solutions’ Director of Professional Services, explained. “He has a good understanding of the business challenges our clients face, and familiarity with the multivalued databases we prefer to use. Cliff’s experience helps him understand the bridge from what we offer to what our clients need.”


Cliff Bennett was employed at another firm a thousand miles away and had built up 32 years of business IT and multi-value development experience. With an MBA from the University of Rhode Island, a Six Sigma Greenbelt certification, and a strong ERP business background, Cliff came highly qualified.


Bennett had no ties to Saratoga, New York, however he found himself drawn to this position. “After speaking with Allan [Robison] and visiting the staff in Clifton Park, I realized this is a great organization that I would enjoy being part of and helping to continue its success,” Bennett said. “My technical and business background fits closely with the EXEControl systems and EXEControl Global Solutions services. I like working on the vendor side to provide value to my clients.”


In July, Bennett was offered the position of Senior Applications Developer. “This was a big decision for Cliff,” Robison said. “Cliff had just as many questions for us as we had for him. He performed his due diligence and chose to join our team. I think that is significant because his joining our team is validation from a seasoned veteran that EXEControl Global Solutions is on the right track.”


Bennett has already begun helping the software division reduce their backlog so they can take on more clients, and just a couple weeks after starting with EXEControl Global Solutions, Cliff was on-site at a client providing a three-hour training session on what ERP is and how it compares to other enterprise level software approaches. “Cliff can go into our large accounts and immediately assist with implementations and business advisory work,” Robison said.


“I plan to become very knowledgeable on the EXEControl system and tools so I can provide excellent support and development services for clients,” Bennett said. “This will also position me to be able to assist with system implementations, which I enjoy. I am always looking for process improvements and their contribution to EXEControl and EXEControl Global Solutions business processes. I also would like to help clients with business process improvements. I would expect these activities to help maintain and grow business volume at EXEControl Global Solutions.”


In this new professional season at EXEControl Global Solutions, Bennett plans to acquire his CPIM and CSCP certificates through the local APICS chapter. He says his favorite part of the job thus far is “the team at EXEControl Global Solutions.”


EXEControl Global Solutions is excited to have Cliff Bennett on board as the company’s newest Senior Applications Developer, and look forward to the valuable resource he will be for clients and team alike.