Accounts Payable – Presented by: Allan Robison and Jon Sternfeld, 8:45 am

Gone are the days of receiving invoices in the mail and batch printing checks to pay them. The fast pace of today’s business requires quick and flexible payment options. Major enhancements have been made to the EXEControl Accounts Payable module to provide this speed and flexibility. If you are involved with payables in any way, come attend this session to learn about these enhancements, and see how they can simplify and streamline your processes! Topics include:

  • Electronic communications with your bank(s) for bank reconciliation, ACH, positive pay, and other type of transactions,
  • Payment methods: check, wire transfer, ACH, credit card, auto-draft, manual-draft, etc.,
  • Advance payments linked to purchase orders,
  • Payment entry at time of invoice creation,
  • Remit-to vendor structure,
  • Use tax/sales tax management for both tax due and tax credits to claim,
  • Receiving hold notes,
  • Single screen entry of invoices,

and a whole lot more!

Effectively using the “Display” options – Presented by: Michelle McKenzie, 11:15 am

Given one piece of information, what could you find out about a transaction? There is a wealth of information available through the EXEControl “display” options, also called views or inquiries. Join us to learn some tips on navigating the vast amount of data, hints on focusing in on the information you need, and tricks to view the information in different ways.

Sales & Operations Planning – Presented by: Jon Sternfeld, 1:30 pm

Businesses must respond to change faster than ever. It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the keys to being able to respond quickly in the short term is to look further into the future. Beyond the horizon of sales forecasts, lies the realm of Sales and Operations Planning. Long used by large manufacturers, S&OP is starting to be used by smaller companies, particularly in retail and banking. This session will outline the steps involved, the costs associated, and the benefits to be gained by properly implementing S&OP. Also learn how EXEControl supports the planning process.

Why Can’t I Change This? – Presented by: Dan Wright, 2:30 pm

When journals are cut off, transactions are posted, and periods are advanced, closed, or even reopened, what does it all mean? And more importantly, how does it affect your workflow? Some of the routine accounting tasks in EXEControl impact your ability to enter or edit transactions, especially those that may have occurred in prior periods. This session will expand on those routine tasks, while also looking at the strategies available to correct problems that relate to past dates and closed periods.

Counting your inventory efficiently and effectively – Presented by: Cliff Bennett, 3:45 pm

EXEControl provides a variety of cycle and physical inventory counting methods. It can be challenging to decide which method best suits your business. This session will cover classifying your inventory using EXEControl’s ABC rule formulas, generating count tickets, performing the count including using wireless devices, managing recounts, and evaluating the effectiveness of your process. Come find out what we recommend and how other clients are doing it.