If your organization is still running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, we here at EXEControl Global Solutions understand why.


  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was a good solid platform.
  2. Who wants to purchase new licenses for something you already own?
  3. The time and money it takes to port your operations from Windows Server 2003 to a more current Operating System is significant.


Regardless of your reason, now is the time to ‘bite the bullet’ and upgrade.


Microsoft has announced that on July 14, 2015 they will be stopping support for Windows Server 2003. EXEControl Global Solutions relies on Microsoft’s support team for situations where client issues can only be resolved by a Microsoft support specialist. Not having Microsoft’s backing will make yours and our job much more difficult and could result in downtime and loss of data.


There is only three months remaining. Do not delay any longer. Please contact EXEControl Global Solutions’ sales team at sales@execontrol.com or 800-383-2875 to discuss a migration plan that is right for your organization.



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