Did you know that EXEControl Global Solutions has teamed up with OneConnect to provide single source assistance for your internet service? The selection of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) has never been easier. No matter where in the United States you are located, EXEControl Global Solutions can get you pricing for any and all of the carriers that service your location. OneConnect will search all available options free of charge and return a list of providers and their costs. You do not pay any increase in fees from the ISP. Instead, the ISP pays a commission check direct to OneConnect and this check has no effect on your cost or service level. In fact, having OneConnect in the middle has been very helpful to several of our clients. When there is an issue with the ISP, OneConnect can usually get issues resolved much quicker than we or our clients can because of the clout they carry.


Prior to switching internet providers or adding of service, please take the time to reach out to our Networking Department at 518-688-8700 extension 3. Let them know that you are looking for new internet services and they will get you the pricing and option information you need to make an intelligent decision. This is a free service and will allow us to be named as your service provider agent which makes the process of providing first line assistance much easier.