EXEControl’s address rolodex has been enhanced to support a single button titled ‘CONTACT’ which will display a selection box of all available contact methods and you can then communicate via a single click selection.


Contact methods include:


Email: List of contact methods will include all email addresses associated with the address rolodex record selected. The list of email addresses will also display the type of email address so you can identify which email is their personal, work, etc. Upon selection of an email address, EXEControl will launch your default Windows email application for the composing and sending of the email. Naturally, EXEControl will automatically populate the email address.


Phone: Provided you have a compatible VoIP phone system that supports remote requested dial, EXEControl will give you options for phone numbers to dial. The selection list will show you all available phone numbers along with what the phone number is associates with (e.g.; work, home, cell). Upon selection of a phone number, EXEControl will initiate a call request to your phone handset and your handset will start ringing. Once you pick up, it will immediately start ringing the other party. Your phone handset is identified by the extension recorded on your account status record.


Text: Should the cell phone carrier identification field be defined (a new field added to the address rolodex screen), EXEControl will give you the option to text the contact’s cell phone direct from EXEControl. Note: cell phones must have ten digits to support the direct texting from EXEControl.


Fax: Should a fax number be defined on the address rolodex record, EXEControl will offer the ability to create and send a fax using the standard faxing form found within EXEControl.


For more information on how to simplify your contact communications using the built-in EXEControl address rolodex, please contact sales@execontrol.com.