Two decades have passed since Jonathan Sternfeld came on board with EXEControl Global Solutions. Currently the Senior Application Developer, today he thinks back on his years with the company, the advances he has observed in technology, and his most memorable moment.


EXEControl: Jon, congratulations on reaching the 20-year mark with EXEControl Global Solutions! What has kept a gifted person such as yourself with one company for two decades?

Jon: Thank you! I have stayed with EXEControl Global Solutions for two reasons. One, because of the nature of the work: Software development is a very creative job; you seldom write the same code twice. In addition, the EXEControl software package is large and feature-rich, with a variety of facets to work on. That diversity keeps the job fresh and exciting even after twenty years. Two, EXEControl Global Solutions provides a supportive environment in which to perform this job, offering guidance and support while encouraging creativity.


EXEControl: You have been with this company through a variety of seasons, developments, and advancements. During that time, technology has changed drastically. What is the most significant change you’ve seen?

Jon: I’ll name two: graphical user interfaces (i.e., Windows) and the Internet. When I started with the company, technology was such that we used character-based terminals to connect to the server over serial cables. To connect to clients, we used modems and phone lines. Now we use thin clients and Internet protocols to connect anywhere, anytime. Computers have gotten much faster as well, which enables me, in a matter of minutes, to perform functions that used to take hours.


EXEControl: Would you share with us your favorite (or most amusing) memory about your time at EXEControl Global Solutions?

Jon: My most memorable act was, unfortunately, not very amusing. Very shortly after I started working for the firm, we were having a User Group Meeting at what was then Chaucer’s in Clifton Park. We were setting up our server in their banquet room, and I saw an outlet strip in the line with its light off. I went over and flipped the switch. The resulting holler made me quickly aware I had done something wrong. The light on the strip was bad; the switch had been on and I had turned it off. The server was in the middle of a critical point in its boot process, and it would not restart after turning it back on. Fortunately, a representative from our hardware supplier, Applied Digital Data Systems (ADDS) was one of our guests, and he worked with the home office to get us up and running. I stayed far away from outlet strips for a long time after that!


EXEControl: In closing, what advice would you give to new employees and/or customers of EXEControl Global Solutions?

Jon: This is a company like no other. Our level of commitment to satisfaction is unheard of in today’s world. This applies to our employees, our customers, our vendors – everyone. My advice would be: Give us a chance to show how we’re different. I think everyone who does will be amazed!